Venice Water Bus Vaporetto - Line 15

Water Bus Vaporetto Line Map number 15 in Venice in Italy
Water Bus Line N°15 Map
ACTV Vaporetto Water Bus Line 15 is a line that goes from San Zaccaria to Punta Sabbioni, without any stop.

The pier station in Venise is opposite the church of La Pietà.

Therefore, it is a fast line between Venice and Puta Sabbioni.

Timetables Line 15
Water Bus Vaporetto

(Timetables from the 14 September 2020

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S.Zaccaria Pietà → Punta Sabbioni
Monday to Saturday
S.Zaccaria Pietà A 13:14 17:44 18:44
Punta Sabbioni 13:44 18:14 19:14

Punta Sabbioni → S.Zaccaria Pietà
Monday to Saturday
Punta Sabbioni 6:29 6:59 7:29 7:59 17:55
S.Zaccaria Pietà A 6:59 7:29 7:59 8:29 18:28
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