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Restaurants in Venice: Our Best Tables

Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Dinner Show Spettacolo €115  → 
(Only Saturday evening)
Dinner Cruise on a Galleon €110  → 
Catamaran Sunset Jazz Cruise €80  → 
Catamaran Jazz Cruise €40-60  → 

We have classified the restaurants we recommend in three categories:

The “Gourmets”, the “Good Cooking” and the “Cheap Eats” including in this last category the Wine bars and Ciccheterie.

All our Recommended Restaurants:

Good Cooking
Cheap Eats

Prices are for a complete Italian meal: Antipasto (starter) + Primo Piatto (first dish) + Secondo Piatto (second dish) + Dessert. Drinks are extra.

However, take a starter followed by two dishes and the dessert is often too substantial, most of Venetians prefer to order only two dishes on three: Starter or First Dish or First Dish and Second Dish.

Restaurants Gourmet | Good Cooking | Cheap Eats

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