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Boat Transportation Venice Water Bus Vaporetto, Venice boat tickets

Water Bus + Bus + Tramway illimited journeys Pass

Single 24 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours 7 Days
€9.5 €25 €35 €45 €65

Water Bus + Bus + Tramway Tickets Online

Skip the Line Tickets at the Same Price as on site
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
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Rolling Venice Card - Youth from 6 to 29 years old

The Rolling Venice Card at reduced prices for youth from 6 to 29-year-old

Travel Free for children up to 5-year-old included

Transportation is free on lines Vaporetto Water Bus for children up to 5-year-old included. Children over 6-year-old and more have to pay their tickets full price, like adults. The only reduced price solution for youth from 6 to 29-year-old is the Rolling Venice Card

On Alilaguna Lines, children of less than 6-year-old can travel free.

Validation of the tickets - Validity time for Tourist travel Time Tickets

You have to buy your ticket before going on board. If you have not been able to buy your ticket prior getting on board of the boat, signal it immediately to the sailor that ties the boart to the pier. Otherwise, you will pay a minimum fine of 50 € per person.

In the same way, all tickets, Tourist travel Time Tickets included, have to be validated prior to get on board of the road bus or the water bus, or you will have to pay the same fine as if you had no ticket. Tourist travel Time Tickets have to be validated only once at their first use.

The time validity of the Tourist travel Time Tickets (24 hours to 7 days) begins at the first validation of the time ticket.

Beware, when you buy or withdraw (if you have bought it online) your ticket, to signal the counter clerk before paying or withdrawing your ticket, not to validate it for you (as they always do) if you do not want to use it immediately.

 Line 1  Line 2  Line 3
 Line 4.1  Line 4.2  Line 5.1
 Line 5.2  Line 6  Line 7
 Line 8  Line 9  Line 10
 Line 11  Line 12  Line 13
 Line 14  Line 15  Line 16
 Line 17  Line 18  Line 19
 Line 20  Line 22  Night Line
  Night Murano  Night Laguna Nord  Alilaguna Blu
 Alilaguna Arancio  Alilaguna Rossa

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Physically Disabled Persons - Wheelchair

Physically Handicapped Persons Wheelchair Venice If you are in a wheelchair, you can benefit a reduced unit selling price ticket: 1.€50 Water Bus Vaporetto ticket (valid 75 min.)

Physically Disabled Persons - Wheelchair in Venice

Pets on board of Water Bus Vaporetto

You can go on board of the Water Bus Vaporetto with your dog if kept on a leash and muzzled.

Cats, birds and other little animals can be taken on board if inside a portable cage closed with maximum size of 120 cm (height + width + depth).

Paying an extra charge, you can use a cage of maximum size 150 cm (height + width + depth).

Beware that the captain can refuse to let you go on board with your pet, for instance, at the rush hour.

Vehicle Car Ferry to Lido, Pellestrina and Cavallino

There are Vaporetto Water Bus Car Ferry lines between the Tronchetto and the Lido, Pellestrina or Cavallino.
Car Ferry lines are line 11 and line 17.

Tickets may be purchased at all the ticket offices, you cannot book them online. The prices of transport vehicles do not include vehicle's driver or passengers.

  Line 11 Line 17
Vehicles to 4.00m, motorbikes over 50cc., sidecars, small cars, caravans, trailers, motorcycle vans. €13 €8
Vehicles from 4.01 m to 4.50 m, coach trailers, mixed-transport vehicles up to 35 q. €21 €12
Vehicle of longer than 4.50 m., minibus up to 9 seats, trucks up to 35q. €26 €13
Trucks up to 35q. with trailer, road-working and agricultural machinery, trucks over 35q. €30 €13
Trucks with trailer, trucks and articulated vehicles. €57 €24

Beware Pickpockets !

Even if Venice is a very secure town, train station as water buses as buses are their favourite places. In case of theft: Carabinieri for Foreigners in Venice

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