Venice Police Department

Venetian Police Agent controlling pedestrians while an Acqua Alta in Venise Saint-Mark's Square
Venetian Police Agent
Thefts, attacks, disputes... Here are the addresses of the Venice police Departments.

Police In Venice

Assistance Police

Phone Emergency: 112

Carabinieri for Foreigners

Calle San Zaccaria, Castello 4693/A
30122 Venice
(Near hôtel Danieli, it is very easy to find it from the Riva degli Schiavoni which is along Saint-Mark's Lake, take the passageway that leads to Campo San Zaccaria, it then at 60 metres on your right.) Phone: +39 041 520 47 77

Carabinieri of the Piazzale Roma (bus station)

Phone: +39 041 523 53 33

Police station of San Marco

Phone: +39 041 270 55 11

Police on the Island of Burano

Carabinieri of Burano

Piazza Galuppi - 30151, Burano
Phone: +39 041 730 012

Police on the Island of Murano

Carabinieres of Murano

Fondamenta Riva Longa - 30141, Murano-Venezia

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