Phone in Venice

Public Phone sign in Venice Italy

Public Phone sign in Venice
To phone to Venice in Italy from your country the prefix is: +39.

Mobile phone

If your portable is broken or your battery is dead, here are the addresses of stores for mobile phones.

Besides, if you plan to remain a week or two in Venice or you will need to call other Italian friends or simply to be called between you and others at affordable prices, we recommend you buy a rechargeable card. The i-Wind operator is rather attractive in this area.

It will be to your advantage to make certain that your mobile phone is “unblocked or released” and not linked to your telephone operator.

You will buy your first rechargeable card for 10 Euro (which includes 5 euro of phone calls) and then you can make it recharge easily in many of the smoke shops (reloads of 10, 25, or 50 Euros). A suggestion: if you come at least every six months to Venice, you can then keep your Italian Phone number.


Campo San Lio, 5661
Phone: +39 041 520 44 34


Vodafone Store
Strada Nova 3683-3684
30121 Cannaregio Venezia
Phone +39 041 243 17 97

Il Telefonino (Official TIM boutique - Alice)
Rio Terá Farsetti, 1412/1412b
Phone: +39 041 244 85 25

San Polo

Cellular Planet
Ruga dei Speziali, 316
Phone: +39 041 520 56 29

Santa Croce

Punto Auto
Salizada San Pantalon, 48
Phone: +39 041 524 41 74

San Marco

Busofonia di Tussetto Raffaele
Calle de la Bissa, 5460
Phone: +39 041 520 44 34

Calle de la Mandola, 3713
Phone: +39 041 523 92 63

Tecnovideo Micheletti
Campo San Luca, 4585
Phone: +39 041 522 27 56


Teleradiofuga (Only Vodaphone)
Crosera San Pantalon, 3812/A
Phone: +39 041 714 666

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