Concerts Shedule in Venice Italy

  • Opera Verdi La Traviata at Barbarigo Minotto Palace in Venice
  • Opera Verdi Rigoletto at Barbarigo Minotto Palace in Venice
  • Opéra Rossini Barber of Seville at Barbarigo Minotto Palace in Venice
Venice is the town of the music, here is born the famous Antonio Vivaldi. Venice offers you numerous concerts and operas, at Fenice Opera House, but also inside beautiful and incredible places such as in Venetian Palaces and Churchs to add to the happiness of your ears, the eye's one.

Among the concerts and opéras played in Venise, here below are the ones we consider as of the highest quality, able to offer you a great and memorable evening.

Venice Catamaran Sunset Jazz Cruise with Aperitif

Catamaran Sunset Jazz Cruise €80  → 
Catamaran Jazz Cruise €40-60  → 

Opera Theatre House La Fenice

The Opera Theater House La Fenice is the most famous Opera Hall in Venice where you can listen music and opera at an international quality level.
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Opera Theatre House La Fenice  → 

Opera at Barbarigo Minotto Palace

With La Fenice Opera, the best opera show you can be in Venise is without doubt the ones of the Barbarigo Minotto Palace.
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Opera Barbarigo Minotto Palace €95  → 

Vivaldi with the Interpreti Veneziani

You can also listen the Vivaldi's “Four Seasons” in the San Vidal Church played by great Venetian musicians.
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Vivaldi Concerts €32  → 

Virtuosi Italiani Vivaldi

The Virtuosi Italiani perform Vivaldi's “Four Seasons” in the beautiful church of Santa Maria della Pietà, where Antonio Vivaldi was a priest.
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Concert Virtuosi Vivaldi €30  → 

Vivaldi with the Musici Veneziani

Antonio Vivaldi was a Venetian and it is in Venice that his famous “Four Seasons” were created. They are very well performed by the Musici Venziani. You can also enjoy with them a “Baroque Concert Opera” in the big and beautiful Scuola Grande San Teodoro Hall.
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Concerts Musici Veneziani €30-35  → 

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