Water Bus Alilaguna Marco Polo Airport Venice Italy

Water-Taxis and Alilaguna hall and piers at Marco Polo Venice Airport Water-Taxis Alilaguna hall and piers Between Venice and Marco Polo Airport by boat: You can choose to take an Alilaguna Water boat or a Water Taxi.

Return Fare with Alilaguna Water boats

(Price per person which include a big luggage + a hand luggage. 3€ per each extra luggage)

Airport Marco Polo ↔ Venice, Cruise Terminal or Lido: 27 
Airport Marco Polo↔ Murano: 15 
Cruise Terminal ↔ Venice: 15 
Cruise Terminal ↔ Lido or Murano: 18 
Saint-Mark ↔ Murano by Venice Grand Canal: 27 

Alilaguna Free for little children

On Alilaguna Lines, children of less than 6-year-old can travel free.

Single Ticket Price

Airport Marco Polo ↔ Venice/Lido/Cruise Terminal: 15 
Airport Marco Polo ↔ Murano: 8 
Cruise Terminal ↔ Venice: 8 
Cruise Terminal ↔ Lido / Murano: 10 
Saint-Mark ↔ Murano via Venice Grand Canal : 15 

Alilaguna Tourist travel Time Tickets

Alilaguna Tourist travel Time Tickets (Price per Person)  24 hours   72 hours 
These travel time tickets are valid only on Alilaguna lines 30 € 65 €
Buy online your Alilaguna Tourist travel Time Tickets

Where to buy your Alilaguna Tickets?

To buy or to pick up Alilaguna tickets (if bought on the Internet), you have to go to one of the following Alilaguna ticket offices:

1. - At Venice Airport

At the Alilaguna ticket office near the piers. Map to the piers here
In the airport arrivals hall.

2. - In Venice Island

At Alilaguna Ticket Offices.
At San Marco (Saint-Mark) Giardinetti Station
At San Marco water bus Alilaguna station
At San Luca square in Saint-Mark district (3 minutes on foot from Rialto bridge)
In Venice Port, at quay 103 or at quay Isonzo (near the customs office and delivery luggage place at the maritime station)
At the car park Interparking of the Tronchetto (on Tronchetto Island)

If you have bought your ticket on the Internet, prior to embarking on the water bus, you must validate your ticket at the Alilaguna ticket office near the Alilaguna piers.

Map of Alilaguna Ticket Office at Venice Airport

Validity time Alilaguna Tickets in Venice

The validity time of your Alilaguna ticket begun with its first validation and your return ticket is valid for a month after the first validation,

Alilaguna Blue Line (Linea Blu) takes about 35 minutes to get to Fondamenta Nuove and an hour and a half for Saint-Mark Square.

Alilaguna Linea Arancio, Orange Line, takes one hour and 15 minutes to get to Saint-Mark Square from Venice Marco Polo Airport.

For the Timetables and details of each line, please click on the following links:

Alilaguna Lines' Journey from Venice Airport:
Water Bus Vaporetto Line Map Blue from Airport to Venice in Italy
Water Bus Alilaguna Blu Map

Alilaguna - Line Blu

Timetable Line Alilaguna Blu
Map Line Alilaguna Blu
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Alilaguna Arancio Water Bus Line Map from Marco Polo Airport to Venice in Italy
Alilaguna Arancio Water Bus Line Map

Alilaguna - Line Arancio

Timetable Line Alilaguna Arancio
Map Line Alilaguna Arancio

Venice Airport Marco Polo | Fondamente Nuove | Madonna dell'Orto | Guglie | San Stae | Rialto "A" | Sant' Angelo | Saint-Mark (Giardinetti) and vice versa
Water Bus Vaporetto Line Map Alilaguna Rossa between Airport and  Venice in Italy
Water Bus Alilaguna Rossa Map

Alilaguna - Line Rossa

Timetable Line Alilaguna Rossa
Plan Line Alilaguna Rossa

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