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History of Venice Italy

Doge's Palace - Saint-Mark Venice
Doge's Palace - Saint-Mark Venice
If there is a fantastic, exciting and passionate history, it is definitely that of Venice!

Political purpose, marine, merchants of the nobility, adventurers, artists, warriors... From the year 900 to our days, the Serenissima succeeded in crossing the poorest days, outmaneuvering the poorest turns, successfully through time.

It is with courage and often self-denial that through the course of the centuries the people of Venice, from the most modest to the richest of citizens, all joined in a single purpose, and succeeded in creating and leaving us this splendid city of Venice.

Francesco Dandolo Doge of Venice Italy
Francesco Dandolo Doge of Venice

Men and a City

The intelligence of the Venetians, it is the creation of the “City”, with an unshakeable and so more strong foundation than the bottom of the lagoon: the love of independence and the love of life.

This mixture made a proud Venice and perpetuates even in looks and in soul of the Venetians today.

Regardless to know them, they still know what life, true life is: They earned it on the sea, through time, they deserve it!

Centuries of wisdom, elegance, and culture wait for you in the pages of history of Visit-Venice-Italy: Read with pleasure!

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