Mandatory: A Good Detailed Venice Map!

touring club italiano: detailed Map of Venice Italy
A detailed map of Venice
One of the charms of Venice is that you can easily get lost there, especially when night falls.

But this “charm” can quickly be transformed into irritation or even a moment of panic when one is absolutely lost.

If that happens, precisely, do not panic! In most cases, you are never more than some hundred of meters from your destination and if you continue to walk in the same direction, you inevitably come to one of the “edges” of the quarter, from there they know right away where they are and continuation is easy.

Besides, you will always find a Venetian to help you find your way but in that case, it is better to have a map on yourself so that when he explains the directions, you do not risk misunderstanding a long speech in Italian...

Calli Campielli e Canali, detailed map Venice italy
Calli Campielli e Canali, detailed map

Maps in... Paper

For your foot travels in Venice, we recommend the Detailed Map of Venice Italy of the Italian Touring Club.

The scale of 5,000th is often sufficient, not written too small, useful after dark, and lines are made well, all in all a good map to read.

It is found it at all the Venice booksellers, very easily recognizable by the red color.

One of the features of this Map also that it does a decent job of representing the itineraries of the lines of vaporetti.

Essential for the lovers of precision, and it is yet "-" the Map all Venetians use, is the famous “Calli, Campielli e Canali”.

However, it is distinctly more difficult to carry on one, because it is in fact a true book of more than 200 pages and format.

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