Our Practical Advice for Venice

You will find here all the useful addresses in Venice but also all our advice how to get there by car, train or plane.

Once you arrive, you will have to try to understand local jargon and our glossary words and Venetian expressions will help you there.

Paid Access Tax in Venice in 2025

Access Tax in Venice for Tourists  → 

Beware: Stamps and Postcards Delivery System

If you want to send postcards from Venice, please read this

Before leaving, a quick perusal of our Weather in Venice Italy Internet forecast page and even our Venice Annual Weather table will help you envision whether you’ll need either a straw or a woolen hat and reading our section devoted to Acqua Alta page with links to flood planes in Venice, will also prevent you from having feet in water!

With your Feet or by Boat

But since in Venice nearly everything is reached either on foot or by boat, practical information about how to move is as valuable as knowing everything about history or art of Venice.

Our feet also can sometimes think!

Water-Taxis Pier at Airport Marco Polo in Venice Water-Taxis Pier Therefore a good map of Venice Italy will often prevent you from retracing your steps several times and consequently will help you save your poor feet, calves and knees often put in hard test by the paving stones and up and down staircases of Venice’s four hundred bridges!

You will find in our pages our advice regarding purchase as well as our own maps of Venice and itineraries to visit.

Small (and big) Practical Information

Where to buy a ticket of transport ? For what length? For what destination? For what price? To best utilize the transportation also requires having accurate information at the right time. And it is also and even more evident when it is about the price, oh how much o sole mio, of gondoliers.

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