Gondolas in Venice

Gondola Prices:

The Gondola ride price is different at day or night hours.
Day Price without booking :
From 9a.m. to 7p.m.: 80€ for 30 minutes + 40€ more for each additional 20 minutes. If you want to book in advance, it will be around 120€
Night Price :
From 7p.m. to 3a.m. : 100€ for 35 minutes + 50€ more for each additional 20 minutes.
If you want a musician on board with you, it will cost you 130 to 140€ and 95 to 100€ for a singer.

Gondola Good Deals

If sharing your Gondola with other passengers is not a problem for you, if you are alone, you can save 48€ and 16€ if you are two or even more with a musician (60€ to save!)

Some offers also include a guided visit with the Gondola ride, which is also a good way to save money on the lot. And you want to ask for her hand, do not hesitate: you need a Gondola ride with a romantic restaurant!

Shared Gondola Ride :

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Gondola Ride + Venice Walking Tour

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Morning walking tour of Venice with St. Mark’s Basilica and gondola ride  Informations » 
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Venice in Gondola and in Love - Ask for her Hand!

Fall in Love in Venice, Gondola Ride and Romantic Meal  Informations » 
Private gondola ride and dinner in Venice  Informations » 
Gondola serenade and dinner at Al Giglio restaurant  Informations » 
Falling in love in Venice: gondola ride and romantic dinner  Informations » 
Renew Your Wedding Vows on a Venetian Gondola with a Celebrant  Informations » 

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