Squares, Campi, Campielli, Piazza...

Children playing in the evening on the Campo Santo Stefano at Saint-Mark district
Children playing in the evening Campo Santo Stefano
In origin, Campi (Campo in the singular) were on bare ground and cultivated, which is how the name which means “field” in our language, is derived.

Almost always located in front of a church and therefore paved, they are lively meeting places extremely valued by Venetians, young and older ones.

All the campi and campielli are in effect playgrounds as indicated by the young Venetians, who play the football or their bike, even if it is forbidden in Venice.

Other unavoidable element on a campo: coffee, it is also quite necessary to consider the parents, and it is also what gives a buzzing and pleasant clean atmosphere to the campi. Because if you do not know it yet, the Venetians love to talk!

campo san stefano venice italy well children play
Wells are also fields of game!
In autumn or in winter, it is also the place where the sun warms us much longer since it does not need to dive in the middle of narrow calli in order to do that.

What also makes the campi particularly attractive in Venice; it is the feeling of space that they make available.

After winding in narrow and tortuous calli, in fact to arrive on a big campo, such as that of Santa Margherita or that of San Stefano, is always a pleasure: the space! With a sigh of relief, one can suddenly see for a distance and Venice seems suddenly bigger!

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