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All Art of Venice

Sculpture at Santo Stefano cloister, Saint-Mark's district in Venice.
Sculpture at Santo Stefano cloister
The object of admiration of all Europe, for centuries, Venice is a living museum, exuding art from all its pores, inviting you to dream, consider, admire, and respond.

Whether it is her Painters, Musicians, Writers, Sculptors or artisans of genius, simply everything of the city’s soul becomes permanently infused with the exquisite art of the street.

The love of beauty is omnipresent in Venice. Venice IS art.

Doorbells, calle Larga San Lorenzo, Castello's district in Venice.

Musicians, Painters, Writers, not only of yesterday but also today's Artisans

The art of Venice permeates daily life, from the doorbells, to the wardrobe, to speech, thought, and laughter.

The Venetian is an artist and it is no co-incidence that even today, the Biennale, Mostra, as well as the art of the Glass created in Murano still allows Venice to shine with one thousand fires in the eyes of the whole world.

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