Venice Italy Paintings

Canaletto, Venice Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge view from South, Galleria Nazionale Barberini in Rome
Canaletto Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge
To be a painter in Venice: What happiness! It is not astonishing that Venice can attract and keep so many geniuses of painting, can inspire so many artists, Venetians by birth or honorary citizens, from Veronese and Titian but also including the Englishman Turner and France’s Manet.

They all fall under the charm of her mysterious and spellbinding spiritual atmosphere when the fog gracefully lifts the veil from the lagoon and palaces.

Light and Colors

The light of Venice, all painters felt it, is magical.

It vibrates, envelops, models, and elevates all that it lightly touches: landscapes, passers-by and hearts.

Canaletto, The Piazzetta with St. Mark's Basilica and the Marciana Library, Galleria Nazionale Barberini in Rome
Canaletto, The Piazzetta St. Mark
Venice is Light, Venice is Colors, Venice is Vibrations, Venice is Life, and all art of Venice breathes this beauty, so often a divine beauty.

Not only just of color, but also of joy!

It is upon seeing The Assumption of the Virgin of Titian that Richard Wagner, enthralled by the triumphant virtuosity of the work, by the joy which emanates from it, decides to write the opera, Die Meistersinger, the Master Singer.

The most beautiful homage that a musician can make to a painter, they who sing of Life, is to create a song as one of the same family.

We invite you therefore to discover, to rediscover, to admire with us all treasures of the paintings of Venice in these pages, with the hope that our pages live with the art of the city of Venice itself.

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