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Come by Train to Venice

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Coach Beds... Does this evoke anything?

And definitely it is also a very good solution. The train leaves Paris at about half past 8 pm and it arrives directly at Venice at half past 9 am of the morning, 13 hours of itinerary. And there it is a Surprise.

Certain lovers of Venice come only by train; the plane here is too rushed. They scarcely are on the plane and barely an hour later, they spy a large black spot on some water: Venice.

Of course, if you only have a few days, the plane is of course indispensable.

Be careful to reserve a ticket for “Venice Santa Lucia”, the railway station of Venice and not for “Venezia Mestre” which is on the firm earth!

Finally, one of the benefits of a trip by train resides in the hotel savings. In effect, you sleep your first night in the train and the last also while at the same time you get the benefit of two whole days in Venice; an element which some people will take into account once they know the rate of hotels in Venice.

Little Practical Information upon Arrival

When you arrive at the Railway station of Santa Lucia, you can leave your baggage there provisionally, useful if you arrive early in the morning and that your reservation of room takes effect for instance only at midday.

You will find a baggage room in the Railway station of Santa Lucia with baggage next to the quay 14. It is open from 6 am until midnight.

There is also a service to make transport your baggage of the railway station in your hotel: Cooperativa Trasbagagli, their telephone number is +39 041 520 30 70.

To move you to Venice from the railway station of Santa Lucia you have the choice either of the vaporetto motoscafo (the luxury taxi at level price) or your feet. Neither cars nor trains can continue itinerary up to your hotel but what a silence in comparison with our big cities!

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Change of category and atmosphere, don’t think price, just think “experience”.

Please note, they are not every day. Certain months of the year they can even count a train Paris-Venice only one time a week.

The train departs Paris, passes by Innsbruck in Austria, and then passes by Verona to arrive finally at Venice. They leave in 22 hours Paris time and they arrive at Venice, two days later, and yes, in ancient, in 6 pm to Venice.

Here the price of pension is included: 2.600 euro per capita all inclusive. But what an unforgettable trip with prevails over Venice at arrival! Truly a once in a lifetime trip!

Internet Addresses to come to Venice by Train

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
Italian Railways ( (Site in English)

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