Gondolas in Venice

Gondola on dei Barcaroli Canal in Saint-Mark district in Venice in Italy
Gondola Rio dei Barcaroli
A tradition dating centuries, stories of gondoliers, romanticism and song, Gondolas are one of the strongest symbols of Venice.

If you ask somebody who never visited Venice what images are evoked, it is a fair wager that he will speak to you about the gondolas.

And their history is as beautiful as Venice, guardians of the secrets of the ladies...

But the gondoliers always have been, and in any case still in the recent tradition, the genuine guides of Venice, knowing the history of its palaces, of its bridges...

Gondola Prices:

The Gondola ride price is different at day or night hours.
Day Price :
From 9a.m. to 7p.m.: 80€ for 30 minutes + 40€ more for each additional 20 minutes.
Night Price :
From 7p.m. to 3a.m. : 100€ for 35 minutes + 50€ more for each additional 20 minutes.
If you want a musician on board with you, it will cost you 130 to 140€ and 95 to 100€ for a singer.

Gondola Good Deals

If sharing your Gondola with other passengers is not a problem for you, if you are alone, you can save 48€ and 16€ if you are two or even more with a musician (60€ to save!)

Some offers also include a guided visit with the Gondola ride, which is also a good way to save money on the lot. And you want to ask for her hand, do not hesitate: you need a Gondola ride with a romantic restaurant!

Shared Gondola Ride in Venice:

Shared Gondola ride (35 min - 32€)
Classic Shared Gondola ride (30 min - 32€)
Private Gondola ride by Night (30 min - 27.5€)
Grand Canal by Gondola (30 min - 38.4€)
Classic Gondola ride Show and Go (30 min - 39€)
Gondola ride + Musician (35 min - 41€)
Gondola serenade Show and Go (30 min - 49€)

Private Gondola Ride:
Private Gondola ride (30 min - 60€)
1 Hour private Gondola ride (1h00 - 320€)
Private guided Gondola ride on Venice's Grand Canal (1h00 - 349€)

Gondola Ride + Venice Walking Tour
Aternoon walking tour of Venice and Gondola ride (2h00 - 49€)
Venice Walking Tour with Gondola ride (2h30 - 49€)
Morning Venice Walking tour of Saint-Mark Square + Gondola ride (2h15 - 52€)
Gondola ride + Saint-Mark Basilica visit (1h30 - 52€)
Best of Venice walking tour + St Mark Basilica + Gondola Ride (2h45 - 59€)
Morning Venice Walking tour: Saint-Mark Basilica + Gondola ride (3h45 - 76€)
Guided tour + Gondola ride + St Mark's Basilica + Doge's Palace (3h30 - 125€)
Guided Walking Tour of Venice and Private Gondola ride (2h30 - 224€)

Romantic Gondola Ride + Restaurant
Private Gondola Ride + Romantic Dinner at Restaurant Stefano (2h35 - 120€)
Private gondola ride and Dinner in Venice (2h00 - 135€)
Private gondola ride and Dinner in Venice (2h00 - 135€)
Falling in love in Venice: Gondola ride and Romantic Dinner (2h25 - 218)

Theophile Gautier and the Gondolas of Venice

Gondola on Venice Grand Canal
Gondola on Venice Grand Canal
« The gondola is a natural production of Venice, an animated being having its special and local life, a fish species which can remain only in the water of a canal.

The lagoon and the gondola are inseparable and complement one another.

Without the gondola, Venice is not possible.

The city is a madrepore and the gondola is its mollusk.

Only the gondola can wind through the inextricable network and infinite capillarity of her watery streets. »
Théophile Gautier translated from Italia 1855

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