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Cruise Guided Tour to Venice Islands of Murano Burano and Torcello

Burano Island in Venice, Fondamenta San Mauro Cavanella
Burano Island in Venice Lagoon

Boat trips to the islands of Venice

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Morning tour Burano Murano €18  → 
Murano Burano Boat Trip €25  → 
Murano Burano Torcello Boat €25  → 
Glassblowing + Lacemaker €42  → 

Murano Master Glassmakers Demo

Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Glass Blowing St. Mark Square €9  → 
Glass Factory Tour Murano €10  → 
Glassblowing Tour Workshop €70  → 
Murano + Burano + Torcello €35  → 
Master Glassmaker Workshop €69  → 

Murano Glass Vase
Murano Glass Vase

Burano Island of Colours and Lace

After visiting the island of Torcello, your boat will take you to the island of Burano.

If Murano is the island of glass, Burano is the island of lace-making and an island of fishermen still active today in the Venice Lagoon.

The charm is found at every corner of the street or canal in Burano; hundreds of small houses of all colours make it an extraordinary living picture inside which you can walk.

Expect to take a lot of photos!

The island of Torcello, where Venice was born

Torcello was one of the first inhabited islands in the Venice Lagoon, and this since the 5th century.

Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato in Murano Island in Venice Lagoon
Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato Murano
It was not until several centuries later when the inhabitants of Torcello abandoned this island to settle in Venice itself.

You will feel its ancient character when you approach it. Everything is quieter, more serene.

Its Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is superb, with its mosaics with Byzantine motifs.

Its impressive size and its bell tower testify to the importance of Torcello Island at the time of its foundation.

The Charm of the Venice Lagoon

One of the other highlights of this tour of the islands of the Venice Lagoon is... the Lagoon.

It may seem obvious, but you will see that our Lagoon has a unique charm, a lagoon still relatively wild with places where the bottoms are not deep enough to let the boats pass through, especially at low tide, which allows many species of birds to live there in peace.

Burano Island in Venice, Fondamenta de Terranova
Burano Island Colours
You will definitely see some of them, cormorants, egrets or herons, not to mention, of course, the seagulls of which several different species live here.

The Venice Lagoon extends for nearly 50 kilometres, a lagoon whose water is renewed twice a day to the rhythm of the tides with Mediterranean flora and fauna of all beauty.

The Venice lagoon is particularly rich in fishes where you can see fishing for cormorants, egrets, herons and many other species.

Taking a boat trip to discover the islands of Venice is not limited to the pleasure of finding the colourful houses of Burano with its lacemakers or the island of Torcello with its magnificent thousand-year-old basilica or Murano with its glassblowers.

It is also the natural beauty of the Lagoon that will be offered to you.

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