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The Sculpture in Venice

Sculpture Fondamenta de la Grue, of the Crane
Sculpture Fondamenta de la Grue
Whether it is associated with religious buildings or with palaces or more simply interspersed on the facades of houses, sometimes a lone small round adornment under a window, above a door: sculpture is everywhere.

Chance Encounters

It is often randomly that your feet and the sculptures of Venice meet. And these are often of true “meetings” between your look and the sculpture which you have just discovered.

Human Sculptures

How to explain you it these sculptures, as in all cities, are human, are so close to us that we allow ourselves to be completely taken with them.

They question us, call out to us, and often are mysterious, laden with symbolism often forgotten in our computerized, sterile societies.

Colleoni by Verrocchio
Colleoni by Verrocchio

Legends and Mysteries

The sculptures of Venice evoke legends and mysteries, of lions, birds, lambs… generally devouring themselves. But who is who?

A Military Past

But they are also there to remind us of the glorious past of Venice, of an often military, uncompromising past, but of a tenacity often also in the service of the defense of freedom, this freedom however even so rare in this era.

Religious Statuary

Church of Frari Venice
Church of Frari Venice
But the sculptor also knows how to be angelic, in the service of the love of God, of holy, ubiquitous in Venice which built its reputation on the relics of Saint-Mark the Evangelist.

Polychrome Sculptures

You will discover splendid polychrome sculptures so most often kept in churches.

We invite you therefore to discover with us in the pages of an outline of marvels which wait to reveal themselves to you in Venice.

Statues... Living!

Look at the face of this sculpture opposite to the right, is not it alive?

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