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Venice Water Bus Ferry Vaporetto - Line 1

Water Bus Vaporetto Line Map number 1 in Venice in Italy
Water Bus Line N°1 Map

Timetables Line 1 Water Bus Vaporetto

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Timetables Line 1

Piazzale Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
5:01→5:21 | 5:41→6:01 | 6:21→19:33 | 19:45→20:21 | 20:37→21:37 | 21:55→22:55 | 21:55→23:55
Lido → San Marco → Rialto → Piazzale Roma
4:36→4:56 | 5:16→5:56 | 6:08→19:32 | 19:44→20:20 | 20:32→21:12 | 21:32→22:08 | 22:28→23:08

Line 1 is the vaporetto line everybody has taken at least once in Venice.

It is the “big show” line which starts off from Piazzale Roma (where the buses arrive) and then passes through the Grand Canal and its Palaces, to end up in Lido, and vice versa.

However be careful: It is also a very busy line, take it only if you need!

Timetables Line 1 Water Bus

P. Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
5:01→5:21 (Daily)
Piazzale Roma C05:0105:21
Ferrovia E05:0405:24
Riva de Biasio B05:0705:27
San Marcuola Casino B05:1005:30
San Stae05:1205:32
Ca' d'Oro05:1405:34
Rialto Mercato05:1705:37
Rialto B05:2005:40
San Silvestro05:2305:43
Sant Angelo05:2505:45
San Tomà A05:2705:47
Ca Rezzonico05:3005:50
Accademia A05:3205:52
S.Maria del Giglio05:3505:55
S.Marco Vallaresso B05:4006:00
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F05:3405:4406:04
Arsenale B05:3705:4706:07
Giardini B05:4005:5006:10
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C05:4405:5406:14
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D05:4905:5906:19
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P. Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
5:41→6:01 (Daily)
Piazzale Roma C05:4106:01
Ferrovia E05:4406:04
Riva de Biasio B05:4706:07
San Marcuola Casino B05:5006:10
San Stae05:5206:12
Ca' d'Oro05:5406:14
Rialto Mercato05:5706:17
Rialto B06:0006:20
San Silvestro06:0306:23
Sant Angelo06:0506:25
San Tomà A06:0706:2706:37
Ca Rezzonico06:1006:3006:40
Accademia A06:1206:3206:42
S.Maria del Giglio06:1506:3506:45
S.Marco Vallaresso B06:2006:4006:50
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F06:2406:4406:54
Arsenale B06:2706:4706:57
Giardini B06:3006:5007:00
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C06:3406:5407:04
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D06:3906:5907:09
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P. Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
6:21→19:33 (Daily)
as of 6:21 the following time schedules are valid for each hour
(for example at Piazzale Roma, there is a Boat at 6:21, 6:33, 6:45, 6:57, 7:09, etc. up to 19:33)
Piazzale Roma C 9 21 334557
Ferrovia E 12 24 36480
Riva de Biasio B 15 27 39513
San Marcuola Casino B 18 30 42546
San Stae 20 32 44568
Ca' d'Oro 23 35 475911
Rialto Mercato 26 38 50214
Rialto B 31 43 55719
San Silvestro 34 46 581022
Sant Angelo 36 48 01224
San Tomà A 39 51 31527
Ca Rezzonico 42 54 61830
Accademia A 44 56 82032
S.Maria del Giglio 47 59 112335
Salute 49 1 132537
S.Marco Vallaresso B 53 5 172941
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F 58 10 223446
Arsenale B 2 14 263850
Giardini B 6 18 304254
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C 9 21 334557
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D 14 26 38502
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P. Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
19:45→20:21 (Daily) (*) beginning at 20:09, the departure is at the pier Piazzale Roma F instead of C
(**) beginning at 20:12, the departure is at the pier Ferrovia B instead of F
(***) beginning at 20:19, the departure is at the pier Rialto D instead of B
Piazzale Roma C19:4519:57 20:09* 20:21*
Ferrovia E19:4820:00 20:12** 20:24**
Riva de Biasio B19:5120:0320:1520:27
San Marcuola Casino B19:5420:0620:1820:30
San Stae19:5620:0820:2020:32
Ca' d'Oro19:5920:1120:2320:35
Rialto Mercato20:0220:1420:2620:38
Rialto B20:07 20:19*** 20:31*** 20:43***
San Silvestro20:1020:2220:3420:46
Sant Angelo20:1220:2420:3620:48
San Tomà A20:1520:2720:3920:51
Ca Rezzonico20:1820:3020:4220:54
Accademia A20:2020:3220:4420:56
S.Maria del Giglio20:2320:3520:4720:59
S.Marco Vallaresso B20:2920:4120:5321:05
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F20:3420:4620:5821:10
Arsenale B20:3820:5021:0221:14
Giardini B20:4220:5421:0621:18
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C20:4520:5721:0921:21
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D20:5021:0221:1421:26
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P.Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
20:37→21:37 (Daily)
Piazzale Roma F20:3720:5721:1721:37
Ferrovia B20:4021:0021:2021:40
Riva de Biasio B20:4321:0321:2321:43
San Marcuola Casino B20:4621:0621:2621:46
San Stae20:4821:0821:2821:48
Ca' d'Oro20:5021:1021:3021:50
Rialto Mercato20:5321:1321:3321:53
Rialro D20:5621:1621:3621:56
San Silvestro20:5921:1921:3921:59
Sant Angelo21:0121:2121:4122:01
San Tomà A21:0321:2321:4322:03
Ca Rezzonico21:0621:2621:4622:06
Accademia A21:0821:2821:4822:08
S.Maria del Giglio21:1121:3121:5122:11
S.Marco Vallaresso B21:1621:3621:5622:16
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F21:2021:4022:0022:20
Arsenale B21:2321:4322:0322:23
Giardini B21:2621:4622:0622:26
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C21:3021:5022:1022:30
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D21:3521:5522:1522:35
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P.Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
21:55→22:55 (Daily)
Piazzale Roma F21:5522:1522:3522:55
Ferrovia B21:5822:1822:3822:58
Riva de Biasio B22:0122:2122:4123:01
San Marcuola Casino B22:0422:2422:4423:04
San Stae22:0622:2622:4623:06
Ca' d'Oro22:0822:2822:4823:08
Rialto Mercato22:1122:3122:5123:11
Rialro D22:1422:3422:5423:14
San Silvestro22:1722:3722:5723:17
Sant Angelo22:1922:3922:5923:19
San Tomà A22:2122:4123:0123:21
Ca Rezzonico22:2422:4423:0423:24
Accademia A22:2622:4623:0623:26
S.Maria del Giglio22:2922:4923:0923:29
S.Marco Vallaresso B22:3422:5423:1423:34
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F22:3822:5823:1823:38
Arsenale B22:4123:0123:2123:41
Giardini B22:4423:0423:2423:44
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C22:4823:0823:2823:48
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D22:5323:1323:3323:53
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P.Roma → Rialto → San Marco → Lido
23:15→23:55 (Daily)
Piazzale Roma F23:1523:3523:55
Ferrovia B23:1823:3823:58
Riva de Biasio B23:2123:4100:01
San Marcuola Casino B23:2423:4400:04
San Stae23:2623:4600:06
Ca' d'Oro23:2823:4800:08
Rialto Mercato23:3123:5100:11
Rialro D23:3423:5400:14
San Silvestro23:3723:5700:17
Sant Angelo23:3923:5900:19
San Tomà A23:4100:0100:21
Ca Rezzonico23:4400:0400:24
Accademia A23:4600:0600:26
S.Maria del Giglio23:4900:0900:29
S.Marco Vallaresso B23:5400:1400:34
S.Marco S.Zaccaria F23:5800:1800:38
Arsenale B00:0100:2100:41
Giardini B00:0400:2400:44
S.Elena Stadio Penzo C00:0800:2800:48
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D00:1300:3300:53
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
4:36→4:56 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D04:3604:56
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B04:4105:01
Giardini A04:4505:05
Arsenale A04:4805:08
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E04:5105:11
S.Marco Vallaresso A04:5505:15
S.Maria del Giglio05:0005:20
Accademia B05:0305:23
Ca Rezzonico05:0505:25
San Tomà B05:0805:28
Sant Angelo05:1005:30
San Silvestro05:1205:32
Rialto A04:5505:1505:35
Rialto Mercato04:5805:1805:38
Ca' d'Oro05:0105:2105:41
San Stae05:0405:2405:44
S.Marcuola Casino A05:0605:2605:46
Riva de Biasio B05:0805:2805:48
Ferrovia E05:1105:3105:51
Piazzale Roma G05:1405:3405:54
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
5:16→5:56 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D05:1605:3605:56
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B05:2105:4106:01
Giardini A05:2505:4506:05
Arsenale A05:2805:4806:08
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E05:3105:5106:11
S.Marco Vallaresso A05:3505:5506:15
S.Maria del Giglio05:4006:0006:20
Accademia B05:4306:0306:23
Ca Rezzonico05:4506:0506:25
San Tomà B05:4806:0806:28
Sant Angelo05:5006:1006:30
San Silvestro05:5206:1206:32
Rialto A05:5506:1506:35
Rialto Mercato05:5806:1806:38
Ca' d'Oro06:0106:2106:41
San Stae06:0406:2406:44
S.Marcuola Casino A06:0606:2606:46
Riva de Biasio B06:0806:2806:48
Ferrovia E06:1106:3106:51
Piazzale Roma G06:1406:3406:54
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
6:08→19:32 (Daily), the following time schedules are valid for each hour
(for example at Lido there is a Boat at 6:08, 6:20, 6:32, 6:44, 6:56, etc. up to 19:32)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D 8 20324456
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B 13 2537491
Giardini A 17 2941535
Arsenale A 20 3244568
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E 24 3648012
S.Marco Vallaresso A 29 4153517
Salute 32 4456820
S.Maria del Giglio 34 46581022
Accademia B 37 4911325
Ca Rezzonico 39 5131527
San Tomà B 43 5571931
Sant Angelo 45 5792133
San Silvestro 47 59112335
Rialto A 51 3152739
Rialto Mercato 55 7193143
Ca' d'Oro 58 10223446
San Stae 1 13253749
S.Marcuola Casino A 4 16284052
Riva de Biasio B 7 19314355
Ferrovia E 10 22344658
Piazzale Roma G 13 2537491
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
19:44→20:20 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D19:4419:5620:0820:20
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B19:4920:0120:1320:25
Giardini A19:5320:0520:1720:29
Arsenale A19:5620:0820:2020:32
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E20:0020:1220:2420:36
S.Marco Vallaresso A20:0520:1720:2920:41
S.Maria del Giglio20:1020:2220:3420:46
Accademia B20:1320:2520:3720:49
Ca Rezzonico20:1520:2720:3920:51
San Tomà B20:1920:3120:4320:55
Sant Angelo20:2120:3320:4520:57
San Silvestro20:2320:3520:4720:59
Rialto C20:2720:3920:5121:03
Rialto Mercato20:3120:4320:5521:07
Ca' d'Oro20:3420:4620:5821:10
San Stae20:3720:4921:0121:13
S.Marcuola Casino A20:4020:5221:0421:16
Riva de Biasio B20:4320:5521:0721:19
Ferrovia A20:4620:5821:1021:22
Piazzale Roma G20:4921:0121:1321:25
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
20:32→21:12 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D20:3220:4420:5621:12
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B20:3720:4921:0121:17
Giardini A20:4120:5321:0521:21
Arsenale A20:4420:5621:0821:24
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E20:4821:0021:1221:27
S.Marco Vallaresso A20:5321:0521:1721:31
S.Maria del Giglio20:5821:1021:2221:36
Accademia B21:0121:1321:2521:39
Ca Rezzonico21:0321:1521:2721:41
San Tomà B21:0721:1921:3121:44
Sant Angelo21:0921:2121:3321:46
San Silvestro21:1121:2321:3521:48
Rialto C21:1521:2721:3921:51
Rialto Mercato21:1921:3121:4321:54
Ca' d'Oro21:2221:3421:4621:57
San Stae21:2521:3721:4922:00
S.Marcuola Casino A21:2821:4021:5222:02
Riva de Biasio B21:3121:4321:5522:04
Ferrovia A21:3421:4621:5822:07
Piazzale Roma G21:3721:4922:0122:10
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
21:32→22:08 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D21:3221:4822:08
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B21:3721:5322:13
Giardini A21:4121:5722:17
Arsenale A21:4422:0022:20
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E21:4722:0322:23
S.Marco Vallaresso A21:5122:0722:27
S.Maria del Giglio21:5622:1222:32
Accademia B21:5922:1522:35
Ca Rezzonico22:0122:1722:37
San Tomà B22:0422:2022:40
Sant Angelo22:0622:2222:42
San Silvestro22:0822:2422:44
Rialto C22:1122:2722:47
Rialto Mercato22:1422:3022:50
Ca' d'Oro22:1722:3322:53
San Stae22:2022:3622:56
S.Marcuola Casino A22:2222:3822:58
Riva de Biasio B22:2422:4023:00
Ferrovia A22:2722:4323:03
Piazzale Roma G22:3022:4623:06
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Lido → San Marco → Rialto → P. Roma
22:28→23:08 (Daily)
Lido S.Maria Elisabetta D22:2822:4823:08
S.Elena Stadio Penzo B22:3322:5323:13
Giardini A22:3722:5723:17
Arsenale A22:4023:0023:20
S.Marco S.Zaccaria E22:4323:0323:23
S.Marco Vallaresso A22:4723:0723:27
S.Maria del Giglio22:5223:1223:32
Accademia B22:5523:1523:35
Ca Rezzonico22:5723:1723:37
San Tomà B23:0023:2023:40
Sant Angelo23:0223:2223:42
San Silvestro23:0423:2423:44
Rialto C23:0723:2723:47
Rialto Mercato23:1023:3023:50
Ca' d'Oro23:1323:3323:53
San Stae23:1623:3623:56
S.Marcuola Casino A23:1823:3823:58
Riva de Biasio B23:2023:4000:00
Ferrovia A23:2323:4300:03
Piazzale Roma G23:2623:4600:06

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