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The view from the large terrace
View from the large terrace
The flat Lorenzo Severo Terrace is very well located, right next to the beautiful Campo de Santa Maria Formosa in Venice.
(Identification code of the flat with the Municipality of Venice: M0270421168)

This is an 81m2 duplex flat on the 3rd and 4th floor of an old Venetian house in the San Severo district (no lift, 45 steps).

The flat is very bright and its luxury consists of two beautiful terraces (totalling 30m2).

The larger one (over 20m2) also offers a magnificent view of the rooftops of the Castello and five of its Bell Towers.

They are just a 7-minute walk from St Mark's Square, so in the best location in Venice.

The area is still very Venetian and you will be spoilt for choice of shops, food and gift items.

The living and dining room

The living room, which also serves as a dining room, opens onto the first terrace, which can be accessed via its patio door.

The living area consists of two three-seater sofas and a large coffee table.

The Living Room Dining Room
The Living Room Dining Room
Two bookshelves with some beautiful art books surround a small TV (too small for our taste) connected to Italy's digital terrestrial channels.

But rest assured that you are not cut off from the rest of the world: WiFi internet is in fact available throughout the flat.

The dining area takes up the other part of the room and consists of a large round table and 6 chairs.

A spiral staircase is located next to the dining area and provides access (14 steps) to an upper bedroom and the main terrace.

The first terrace

The first terrace
The first terrace
A first terrace is accessible from the living and dining room as well as from the kitchen.

It is a small, elongated terrace (it is 6.50 metres long), which has a beautiful view of Calle Larga San Lorenzo and the surrounding rooftops.

The first terrace
The first terrace
In addition to the view of Calle Larga, you can also see part of the garden of one of the neighbouring palaces on the other side of the street.

You can enjoy your meals and even breakfast here at a round and a rectangular table and four chairs or sit out in the fresh air during the day.

The tiles on the floor are light green.

The second terrace

Second terrace
Second terrace
The second, beautiful terrace is accessible via the patio door of the superior room

It is a large terrace with a panoramic view of the rooftops and Bell Tower of the Sestier del Castello.

From this terrace you can see the bell towers of several churches of the Castello, namely those of Santa Maria Formosa, San Francesco de la Vigna, Sant' Antonin, dei Greci and San Giovanni e Paolo: 5 bell towers!

Second Terrace
Second Terrace
In addition to this view of the Venetian Bell Tower, there is also a view of the Borgoloco San Lorenzo and even the Rio San Severo (where the gondolas pass) and Palazzo Grimani.

A deckchair, a low chair, a small table and 7 other chairs make up the furnishings of this terrace.

These two terraces are a privilege in Venice and are of course the greatest charm of this flat.

The first bedroom

First bedroom
First bedroom
A first and large bedroom opens from the entrance of the flat.

It is a fairly large room (almost 17m2) and also very bright thanks to the two windows overlooking the Borgoloco San Lorenzo.

The sleeping area consists of a large and comfortable bed (1.90m x 1.60m). Its slatted frame is made of wooden slats.

A wardrobe and two small rattan armchairs complete its furnishings.

The second bedroom

Second bedroom
Second bedroom
A second room, a single room, is opened right next to the first room.

It is a bright room, lit by two windows that overlook the Borgoloco San Lorenzo and offer a beautiful view of it.

Its sleeping area consists of a comfortable single bed (1m90 x 80cm) with a wooden slatted base.

A large desk and a chair as well as a small chest of drawers and a wall shelf complete his furnishings.

The third bedroom

Third bedroom
Third bedroom
As already mentioned, this third bedroom can be reached via the spiral staircase in the living and dining room.

It is a small room, but undoubtedly the most charming in the flat. It is on the same level as the large terrace and through its window or patio door you can see the rooftops of Venice.

Its floor is covered with red tommettes and two small rattan armchairs frame your bed.

This bed is comfortable, even if it doesn't have a slatted base, because its mattress is thick and of good quality.

Its size, on the other hand, is a little tight and more suitable for smaller formats: 1.90 m x 1.30 m.

The kitchen

The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The kitchen draws its charm from its direct access to the first terrace.

A 4-burner gas hob, a small electric oven and a refrigerator form the essential equipment of the kitchen.

The washing machine is also located here.

However, there is no dishwasher: Mr must be gallant to Mrs and help her during the holidays!

The first bathroom

The first, very simple bathroom opens from the entrance hallway of the flat.

It only consists of a toilet and a shower (75cm x 80cm)

The second bathroom

Second bathroom
Second bathroom
A second bathroom opens up next to the first.

It is lit by an upper window, which is of course a plus not only in terms of light but also ventilation.

A good-sized bathtub (1.50 m x 55 cm) occupies the rear section.

A washbasin with a mirror above it, a toilet and a bidet complete the fittings.

The location - location map in Venice

Location map of Lorenzo Severo Terrace in Venice
Location map Lorenzo Severo Terrace Venice
The Lorenzo Severo Terrace flat is located in an authentic and picturesque neighbourhood of Venice, far from the tourist crowds, yet centrally located and close to many attractions and services.

Shopping facilities

Shopping in this neighbourhood is no problem. Whether you go to Santa Maria Formosa on one side or cross the San Lorenzo bridge on the other, you have all kinds of grocery shops as well as several mini markets at your disposal.

There are also plenty of good shops for pleasure and souvenir shopping.

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Sightseeing and sightseeing

Orthodox church and bell Tower dei Greci: 3 minutes on foot
Museum of Byzantine Icons in Venice: 3 minutes
The Riva degli Schiavoni and the basin of St Mark's: 3 minutes
The Church of the Pietà and the small museum Vivaldi, as he officiated here and had his music played: 4 minutes
Scuola di San Giorgio dei Schiavoni with the paintings by Carpaccio: 2 minutes
Church and Church of San Francesco de la Vigna: 5 minutes on foot
The Lions of the Arsenal in Venice: 7 minutes
Church of San Giovanni e Paolo: 4 minutes
Church of San Giovanni in Bragora (where Vivaldi was baptised): 7 minutes
Church, Bell Tower and Campo Santa Maria Formosa: 2 minutes
Venice Maritime History Museum: 9 minutes
Church of Zaccaria: 4 minutes
Exhibitions of the Venice Biennale: 12 minutes
St Mark's Square: 7 minutes
The St Mark's Cathedral: 7 minutes
The Bell Tower: 7 minutes
The Doge Palace: 6 minutes
The Columns in the Piazzetta San Marco: 6 minutes
The Bridge of Sighs: 5 minutes
The Rialto Bridge and Rialto Market: 11 minutes

Practical - Vaporetto water bus

Lines from the Vaporetto water bus station “Rialto” (10 minutes on foot):

Lines from the station “San Zaccaria” (6 minutes on foot):

From the railway station or Piazzale Roma: 19 minutes by vaporetto water bus. Line 1, 14 minutes by vaporetto water bus via Line 2, taking the route across the Grand Canal.

Price for the accommodation

In response to your booking request, the owner will send you an estimate with the exact price to be paid for the requested period.

To check if this flat is available and  Book it 

Services and deliveries

The price includes:
Water, gas and electricity.
Bed linen and towels are provided.
VAT is included in the price.

Not included in the price:
Tourist tax (€3/day/person, maximum €15 per person)
Cleaning (including bed linen and towels) is €70
The check-in and check-out service, the reception at the Vaporetto water bus, the cost of registration with the police, the reservation and administration, the declaration to the Istat service, the declaration of the tourist tax and the assistance during your stay. The cost of these services is 50€.

Facilities - Features

Floor area of the flat: 81m2 + 2 terraces (30m2)
Floor of the flat: 3rd floor without lift (45 steps)
Small flat screen TV (Italian digital terrestrial channels)
Wi-Fi internet in all rooms.
Intercom system.
Washing machine.
Refrigerator with separate freezer compartment.
Gas hob, 4-burner.
Small electric oven.
Electric coffee machine with paper filters.
2 moka coffee pots (large and small).
2 teapots.
Cheese grater.
Kitchen utensils in standard quality.
Plenty of crockery in standard quality.
Standard quality cutlery.
Vacuum cleaner.
Steam and table irons.
2 foldable tumble dryers.
Hair dryer.
No air conditioning, but fans, heating.
All windows are single glazed.
Energy efficiency class EPD: G.

Booking conditions

You will be informed of the terms and conditions of the booking in the rental offer that is sent to you when you make a booking enquiry. A deposit of 10% is payable on signing the rental contract, the balance on your arrival in Venice.

This flat is rented from 3 nights

Please complete the enquiry below so that the owner can advise you of availability and the rental price for your dates of stay.

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