Flats Apartments Rental in Venice Italy:
Garden - Terrace - Altana

The following flats to rent in Venice have a garden, a terrace or an "Altana".

The Altana roof terrace is part of Venice’s history and architecture and you will see many of them on Venice’s roofs.

Centuries ago Venetian women would sit in the sun and bleach their hair on the Altane to give them the famous Venetian Blond (light auburn). Today, there are much easier ways to get that colour! But you will find so many other reasons to enjoy an Altana.

Flats with a Terrace or a Venetian Altana

Laguna View

Flat Rental in Venice: Laguna View Cannaregio District 1,020 to 1,122€/Week   Details

Corte Zappa

Flat Rental in Venice: Corte Zappa Cannaregio District 850 à 935 €/Week   Details
Flats with a Garden

Ca' del Redentore

Flat Rental in Venice: Ca' del Redentore Dorsoduro District 2,130 to 2,343 €/Week   Details

Alice Garden House

House Rental in Venice Italy: Alice Garden in Castello District 1,900 to 2,090 €/Week   Details

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