Flats Apartments Rental in Venice Italy:
Quality Comfort

Quality and comfort requirements that we apply to the flats to rent that we display here are on our own: we sit down on the sofas, we lie down on the beds, we appreciate the view, etc.

Venice is such a particular city that most of usual quality requirements are quite difficult to apply here. For instance, the bathroom size, where are the toilets, the lack of lift, etc., inside houses or little palaces that are often more than three centuries old, cannot fit like in any other city.

Nevertheless, we try to be as objective as possible in our descriptions and quality and comfort requirements as our prime concern is your satisfaction. We want your stay to be pleasant to be sure that after it, you will have only one desire: coming back to us in Venice as soon as possible!

For that reason, among the many flats we visit for you in Venice, on average, we only accept one for four flats visited to be displayed here. So, even if that choice is subjective, the flats you can rent here are only the ones that please us.

You will also notice that for each flat, we present its strong but also its weak points: no bad surprise at your arrival.

Through our detailed information and comments, our pictures and the video we offer you, you can fully judge by yourself the flat you would like to rent as if... you were already inside of it! Which we hope for you!

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