Flat Venice Alice Garden

Alice Garden House in Venice

The Canal in front of the house
In front of the house
Alice Garden is charming Venetian house (120 sq. M) with her own private garden (130 sq. M) a luxury in Venice!

And that’s not all, there is also a vineyard in that garden with the famous « Fragolino » grape which tastes like strawberries.

The charm of that house does not stop here, it also offers nice views on the area from its first and second floor and the place where stands that house is absolutely ravishing.

It is located in a distinctive area in the Castello that remains truly Venetian, the true Venice!

The Garden

Fragolino grapes in the garden
Fragolino grapes
You enter the home from the street crossing through its nice and private garden (130 sq. M).

A romantic arbour covered with Fragolino vineyard smells the strawberry perfume when you enter the garden.

The house seen from the garden
The house
Sitting around the table under the grapes is such a pleasure.

Six chairs surround that big garden table.

You will too be able to sit on the deckchair, the garden bench or even, for the youngest, on the swing.

The garden path and the house
The garden
Rosebay, mint, rosemary, lemon tree, as well as many other plants and bushes complete this Venetian garden vegetation.

A path leads you to the house entrance whose most of the windows have a view on the garden.

The lounge

the house lounge
The lounge
A large lounge opens next to the house entrance.

Its wooden floor is white painted as well as the exposed wooden beams. Walls and ceilings are light mauve, giving at the same time a design and a poetic atmosphere, here as well as in the other rooms of this charming house.

It is also a very pleasant place to relax with its large angle five-seat sofa as well as a two-seat sofa.

The house lounge
The lounge
That nice lounge is lighted by two French windows opening directly on the garden. You will not even need to use the entrance door.

On the multimedia side, besides the Internet Wi-Fi in all rooms, a large flat screen television stands between the two French windows (Satellite channels).

A Mini-System CD, MP3 and DVD player is also at your disposal.

The lounge is air-conditioned.

The kitchen Dining Room

The kitchen Dining Room
Kitchen Dining Room
A nice kitchen beautifully decorated and combined stands next to the lounge.

It is a large room, very bright with a large skylight and a window opening on a little internal courtyard.

The high quality decoration is also original: a large zinc work-top give an old-fashioned but great look to that kitchen.

The zinc is also used as a decorative element, sliced on the wall with shadow theatre shapes representing cane and birds.

The kitchen Dining Room
Kitchen Dining Room
A large table stands in the centre of the kitchen with three chairs and a bench.

A mini Radio CD system is also here to let you cook with music playing!

An antique drawer dresser stand next to the table.b
The kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances, dishwasher, electric oven, gas hotplate with five burners, extractor hood, refrigerator with a separate freezer compartment, etc., and all the necessary cooking utensils.

A complete list of the kitchen and flat amenities is here

Toilet - Laundry

A laundry with a washing machine, where also stands a water closet, opens on the ground floor, next to the kitchen.

The First Bedroom

The First Bedroom
1st Bedroom
A child’s room stands on the first floor.

Its decoration let you enter a world of fairy tales, blue walls, pink curtains, birds on the ceiling with exposed wood beams painted with a blue sky and little clouds.

The wooden floor is painted as a pond with water lilies!

This bedroom is very bright with its two windows (double-glazed) opening on a little courtyard.

A large wardrobe also stands in this child’s room. b
The sleeping area offers a comfortable single bed with a box spring (1.9 x 0.9 metres). As a child’s bed (1.1 expandable x 0.9 metres) also with a box spring.

This bedroom is air-conditioned.

The First Bathroom

The First Bathroom
1st Bathroom
On the same first floor, a bathroom opens next to the child’s room.

This bathroom is lighted by a little high-placed window and besides its washbasin, its toilet and bidet, it offers a bathtub.

The bathtub is a good size: 1.55 x 0.58 metres.

Three of its walls are covered with mirrors.

The Second Bedroom

The Second Bedroom on 2nd Floor
2nd Bedroom
A second bedroom with a light mauve painted wooden floor stands on the second floor.

It is a very bright room lighted by two large windows (double-glazed) with a nice view on the neighbourhood roofs.

It is a warm place with its exposed wooden beams and its pink decoration.

The bedding is comfortable even if a bit too hard for our taste.

It is a king-sized bed (2.0 x 1.6 metres) with a box spring.

A large wardrobe and a valet complete the furnishing of this bedroom.

The room is air-conditioned.

The Third Bedroom

The Third Bedroom on 2nd Floor
3rd Bedroom
A third and very large bedroom also stands on this second floor, on the garden side of the house.

It is a very high-ceiling room with exposed wooden beams and its floor is “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” (made with little pieces of coloured marble).

It is a bright room, lighted by two large windows (double-glazed) with a nice view on the garden as well than on the neighbourhood houses and roofs.

The sleeping area offers two well-sized comfortable single slatted beds (2.0 x 0.9 metres each).

Two wooden chests and large shelves will help you to tidy up your clothes and other objects.

The bedroom is air-conditioned.

The Second Bathroom

The Second Bathroom
2nd Bathroom
On the same second floor, a second bathroom stands between the two bedrooms.

It also offers a nice big window with a view on this area of Venice’s roofs.

A shower cubicle (0.74 x 0.74 metres) stands in an angle.

A bidet, a washbasin topped with a large mirror and a toilet complete the amenities of this bathroom.

Location in Venice

The Alice Garden house is located in Venice, in the district of Castello.

This part of the Castello in Venice has also remained authentically Venetian as well as charming and romantic: The true Venice!


As the majority of the people living here are resident Venetians, you will have no problem food shopping, including a little supermarket only a two-minute walk from the flat.

There is also at less than three minutes on foot, a fruit and vegetable barge as well as the fish market in the morning on the Via Garibaldi street.

On the same street, you also have a good cheese seller and numerous cafés and restaurants.

See and Do

San Pietro di Castello Basilica: 3 minutes on foot.
Venice Arsenal Lions: 4 minutes.
Biennale Exhibitions: 5 minutes.
Venice Storical Maritim Museum: 5 minutes.
San Giovanni in Bragora Church (Where Antonio Vivaldi was baptized): 7 minutes.
Scuola de San Giorgio dei Schiavoni with Carpaccio Paintings: 9 minutes.
San Giorgio dei Greci Campanile, Church and Byzantine Icons: 9 minutes.
San Francesco de la Vigna Campanile and Church: 10 minutes.
San Zaccaria Church and Square : 10 minutes.
Santa Maria Formosa Campanile, Church and Square: 11 minutes.
San Giovanni e Paolo Basilica and Square: 13 minutes.
Saint-Mark Square: 14 minutes.
Saint-Mark Basilica: 14 minutes.
Saint-Mark Campanile Bell Tower: 14 minutes.
Doge's Palace: 13 minutes.
Saint-Mark Piazzetta Columns: 13 minutes.
Saint-Mark Bridge of Sighs: 13 minutes.
Rialto Bridge and fish market: 20 minutes.

Useful - Water Bus Lines

Pier Station Arsenal (5 minutes on foot) : Lines 1, 4.1, 4.2 and Alilaguna Blu
Pier Station Giardini Biennale (5 minutes on foot) : Lines 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2 et 6
From the train station or Piazzale Roma: 35 minutes in water bus.
To go to the Lido Island and beach: 9 minutes in water bus with line 6.
Airport: 1 hour and 17 minutes with Alilaguna Blu line.

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