Flat Venice Goldoni Vista

Flat Goldoni Vista

Goldoni Vista is a large flat (135 sq. M) for six guests with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It is on the first floor of an old Venetian house in the heart of Saint-Mark District.

The fresco in the Goldoni Vista dining room.
The Fresco
When entering the house you will feel like being in a museum. In the house entrance are indeed many marble and Istria sculptures. Some of them are from the 13th century.

The flat itself has beautiful antique furniture and a large fresco on the dining room ceiling.

The view on the Scoamini Canal from the flat.
Scoamini Canal
But it is also a modern flat, entirely renovated.

You will also have many different and beautiful views from its windows, on the Strazze street, or the Rio Terà de le Colonne street and also the beautiful Scoamini Canal and the Goldoni Bridge.

You will be at the first place to see the gondolas on the Scoamini Canal.

The Dining Room

Goldoni Vista dining room.
Dining room
The dining room is the most Venetian and most impressive room of the flat.

A fresco, well-preserved and of 30 sq. M overlooks the whole dining room.

The fresco in the Goldoni Vista dining room.
The fresco
Sitting under this fresco around the large dining antique table, surrounded by the antique sideboard and the impressive antique cupboard, a museum piece, you will have no difficulty to imagine that you are eating at the table of a noble Venetian from centuries ago.

This so Venetian dining room also offers six antique (but comfortable) upholstered chairs as well as two low armchairs.

That large room is lighted by two windows with a view on de le Strazze and Rio Terà de le Colonne streets.

Note that the door is reinforced and goes with an intercom.

The Lounge

Goldoni Vista Lounge.
The Lounge
The lounge next to the dining room is more modern and placed under the label of comfort.

Its two armchairs covered with blue velvet or the large three-seat sofa is an invitation to sit down.

Goldoni Vista Lounge.
The Lounge
An antique round table with a nice base sits between the two windows with a view of the Rio Terà de le Colonne street.

A (very small) flat-screen television set (Italian Channels) is fastened on the wall between the two windows.

The room is air-conditioned.

The First Bedroom

Goldoni Vista First Bedroom.
1st Bedroom
This large bedroom, air-conditioned, opens on the corridor leading to the dining room.

Its king-size bed, comfortable and of quality (2 x 1.6 metres) is edged with two beside tables and lamps.

Goldoni Vista First Bedroom.
1st Bedroom
An antique chest of drawers and an antique higher drawers furniture, with two upholstered with red velvet low armchairs, adds to the warm atmosphere of this nice bedroom.

Its two windows open on the de le Strazze street.

Goldoni Vista First Bedroom.
1st Bedroom

The Dressing Room

If these two antique chest of drawers are not enough for you, you can also use the nice dressing room (4 sq. M) with its shelves and wardrobe.

The Second Bedroom

Goldoni Vista Second Bedroom.
Second Bedroom
A second bedroom, for one guest, is next to the large one.

It is also a perfect room for a child as it has two doors, one on the corridor and the second one leading to the double bed bedroom.

It offers a comfortable bed (1.90 x 0.80 metres) and its windows has a view on the de le Strazze street.

First Bathroom

Goldoni Vista First Bathroom.
First Bathroom
Une grande salle de bains se trouve à côté de la chambre matrimoniale et de la première chambre individuelle.

Une grande vasque surmontée d'un grand miroir ainsi qu'un meuble de toilette occupant quasiment toute la largeur de la pièce, vous permettrons de ranger et d'étaler toutes vos petites affaires pour vous faire beau et belle.

Goldoni Vista First Bathroom Shower
A large bathroom is next to the double bed bedroom and in front of the second individual bedroom.

A washbasin topped by a large mirror and a bathroom cabinet will be useful to help you put away your linen and beauty products.

A window opens on a little internal courtyard, useful to get some fresh air in the room.

The shower cubicle is of good size (0.83 x 0.88 metres).

A toilet and a bidet are also part of this bathroom.

The Laundry

The flat not only offer a dressing room but also a laundry opening in the bathroom.

Some shelves and a large and deep washbasin and a washing machine are standing here.

The Kitchen

Goldoni Vista Kitchen.
The Kitchen
A nice and large kitchen (12 sq. M) with full amenities is waiting for you to cook your good plates or simply eat your breakfast.

A large table with four chairs stands between the two big windows opening on the de le Strazze street.

Goldoni Vista Kitchen.
The Kitchen
There are multiple place-settings of both high quality tableware and utensils.

A complete list of the kitchen and flat amenities is here

The Third Bedroom

Goldoni Vista Third Bedroom.
Third Bedroom
There is another corridor next to the dining room that leads to two bedrooms, including this one.

The sleeping area offers two comfortable twin beds, each of them with a box spring (2.0 x 0.9 metres).

There is also a nice blue floral velvet covered armchair and two beside tables as well as a large wardrobe.

Goldoni Vista Third Bedroom.
Third Bedroom
That bedroom, standing at the angle of the house, is very bright with its three large windows.

Two windows have a view on the Rio Terà de le Colone street while the third one offers a superb view on the Scoamini Canal and its passing by gondolas.

This bedroom is air-conditioned.

The Fourth Bedroom

Goldoni Vista Fourth Bedroom.
Fourth Bedroom
The fourth bedroom is a single bed one.

A one-person bed stands in the centre of the room.

The bedding is comfortable and of quality. Dimensions are usual: 1.9 x 0.8 metres.

There is also a beside table, a standard lamp and a large wardrobe.b

But the true beauty of this bedroom stands in its unrestricted view of the Goldoni Bridge and the Scoamini Canal and its gondolas passing by here all day long: A dream!

The bedroom is air-conditioned.

The Second Bathroom

Goldoni Vista Second Bathroom.
Second Bathroom
These two bedrooms share the second bathroom of the flat.

The room has a large window opening on an internal courtyard.

A large angle shower cubicle (0.75 x 0.75 metres) with rounded glass doors stands in a corner.

A bidet and toilet are also at your disposal in this bathroom.

A nice washbasin topped with a large mirror complete the furniture.

The Location in Venice

Entrance and staircase sculptures.
The flat Ca’ dell’Affresco is located in a Venetian house that could be a museum.

All the staircase and entrance of the house is an impressive art and history collection of marble and Istria sculptures that only the occupant people of the house can admire.

This house, while only at two minutes on foot from Saint-Mark Square, is located in a very quiet and charming street.

See and Do

Saint-Mark Square: 2 minutes on foot.
Saint-Mark Basilica: 3 minutes.
Saint-Mark Bell Tower Campanile: 3 minutes.
Doge's Palace: 4 minutes.
Saint-Mark Piazzetta Columns: 4 minutes.
Bridge of Sighs: 4 minutes.
Correr Museum: 3 minutes.
Fenice Opera theater: 3 minutes.
Rialto Bridge and Fish Market: 7 minutes

Useful - Water Bus Lines

Saint-Mark Pier Station (Giardinetti or Vallaresso) is 4 minutes on foot from the flat with only one bridge to cross: Lines 1, 2, 10, Alilaguna Orange or Blue, and night line N.
From the train station or Piazzale Roma: 30 minutes in water bus with line 1 or 2).
Airport: 27 minutes with line Alilaguna Blu (1h15 with Alilaguna Arancio).
Lido Island: 15 minutes with line 10.


You will only need one minute on foot to find any type of shops, food and gifts. It is also the perfect place to find nearby restaurants or cafés. And as you know, the nearby famous Café Florian or the Café Quadri are a must for you when living in this house.

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