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Gondola under the Rialto Bridge on Venice Grand Canal
Rialto Bridge

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Discover the real Venice, romantic and full of charm, its hidden corners, the Venice of the Venetians, unusual, mysterious, and so beautiful.

Venice has 100 islands and 400 bridges that are barely 7 kilometres long and three and a half wide.

Everything is done on foot or by boat, no car, just the sound of footsteps and voices and the splashing of water from the canals to accompany you through its streets called Calli (Calle in the singular).

Canals on which gondolas glide, large eleven-meter-long fish guided with great skill by gondoliers.

Saint-Mark Place, Bell Tower and Basilica in Venice.
Saint-Mark Place
Children can ride a scooter or run in the streets and squares (the Campi) without risk, and little Venetians have a blast!

And amid all this, hundreds of magnificent Venetian Gothic palaces, whose colourful reflections decorate the surface of the canals.

Venice is a city that has been breathing art for centuries, sculpture, painting, and music.

Vivaldi, Tintoretto, Titian, Marco Polo, Casanova, and Goldoni were children of Venice.

You will find them in museums and churches, at the opera and in concerts in Venice.

The Marciana Library, the St Mark Piazetta, Bell Tower and Basilica in Venice.
St Mark Piazetta
Venice is also about culture with the Venice Art Biennale, the Architecture Biennale, and the Mostra Venice Film Festival.

Venice is also a time to celebrate with its magnificent carnival with exceptional costumes of beauty and creativity.

Venice is our city; we live there, and we live it every day; we dream of it every day for you.

Throughout our pages, we will offer you tips for visiting, starting with transport, because everything is quite complicated for those who have never been to Venice, but rest assured, you will find the answers to all your questions within our 1,500 pages on Venice.

Sandolo on the dei Santi Apostoli Canal in the Cannaregio district in Venice.
Sandolo Santi Apostoli

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Far from crowds insistent on visiting the places rehashed in all guidebooks, discover with us more secret, more true, more living, exciting and passionate Venice.

Magic and romance

A few hundred meters removed from the throngs of tourists hides the treasures of beauty, havens of peace, secret gardens, incredibly romantic places, the keepers of legends, history and love because Venice is synonymous with the word Love.

Places to Visit, to Eat, to Sleep...

If you are enthralled by painting, literature, architecture, history, music, fine dining, religion or nearly any other passion, our pages will help you find all that Venice offers.

Remember our useful advice to find the best hotels, tables of restaurants and cafes.

All these small, yet important practical details will insure that your stay is the most successful, so that you have only one desire at the end of your visit: to return to savor the joy and magic of “the Serenissima”.

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