Coronavirus Covid in Italy and in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan, Covid Certificate Pass, Antigenic and Molecular Swabs, Rules for entering Italy

Saint-Mark Square and Basilica in Venice.
Saint-Mark Square

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Covid Coronavirus Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan

Weekly Bulletin Friday 7 June 2024: 172 new positive cases per day in Italy.
92.8% of Italians over the age of 12 have had a complete vaccination cycle or have been cured less than six months ago (1.2%).

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The Italian Government's New rules in force since October 1st, 2022:

Covid rules for entering Italy

There is no longer any obligation to present an EU Digital Covid Certificate, proof of cure or test, nor the need to fill out a European traceability form to enter Italy.


United Kingdom Travelers  → 
Japan, Canada and U.S. Travelers  → 
European Union Travellers  → 

Wearing a mask in Italy

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outside throughout Italy. It remains mandatory outdoors in case of gatherings that do not allow a sufficient distance to be respected between people, and therefore you should always have one in your pocket just in case.

End of wearing a sanitary mask Indoors
Wearing the FFP2 (or simple) mask is not any more mandatory, including in all transport.

Curfew, Travel inside Italy

There is currently no curfew in force throughout Italy. All travel is allowed between regions without limitation.

EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent Certification in Italy

There is no longer any obligation to produce a Covid Certificate throughout Italy.

Hotels Restaurants Cafes Museums

The EU Digital Covid Certificate (basic, obtained with a test, or vaccinal) is not any more mandatory inside restaurants, cafes and bars, cinemas, theatres, concerts and operas.

There is no longer need to have an EU Digital Covid Certificate obligation for staying in hotels.

Covid Certificate are no longer required to enter museums, shops and shopping centres.

Covid Rules in Transport

The EU Digital Covid Certificate is no longer required on public transport.

COVID Tested Flights to Italy

For travellers from Canada, the United States and Japan, airports in Venice, Rome, Milan and Naples are certified “Covid Tested” to avoid quarantine.
Covid Tested Flights  Official Information 

Where you can get a COVID-19 Antigenic or Molecular Swab in Venice Florence or Rome?

Antigenic swabs can be done in many Italian pharmacies with a result within half an hour. However, be careful; it is often necessary to book your test appointment the day before.
Antigenic swab in Venice Pharmacies  → 
Antigenic swab in Florence Pharmacies  → 
Antigenic swab in Rome Pharmacies  → 

Molecular swabs can be done without a prescription but you need to make an appointment in advance.
In Italian: Tampone Molecolare (PCR)
The time limits for the test result depend on each laboratory, so you must contact them first so you can then decide on your appointment date. Prices (70 to €100) are indicated on the pages of analytical laboratories.

PCR Molecular swabs in Venice:

Policlinico San Marco (Mestre)
Istituto Sherman (Venice)
Lifebrain (Mestre)
Synlab (Mestre)
Ospedale San Camillo (Lido)
Bielo+Hub (Venice) +39 041 5237870
Venice Marco Polo Airport

PCR Molecular swabs in Florence


PCR Molecular swabs in Rome


Transports in Venice

If you don't want to use the public transports from the airport (Bus or Alilaguna boat lines) we advise you to book a water taxi, private or to be shared with security distances  Water Taxis 

Paid Access Tax in Venice in 2025

Paid Access Tax in Venice for Tourists  → 

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