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Saint-Mark Gold Basilica Location Map in Venice Italy

Saint-Mark Gold Basilica's Address

San Marco, 328
30124 Venezia
Entrance is directly on Saint-Mark's Place (See Map below)

Location Map of Saint-Mark Basilica in Venice Italy
Saint-Mark Basilica's Location Map

Water Bus Vaporetto:

From Piazzale Roma or Santa Lucia Rail Station:
Line 1 Vallaresso or San Zaccaria Stop
Line 2 Giardinetti Stop
Line 4.1 San Zaccaria Stop
Line 5.1 San Zaccaria Stop

Saint-Mark Basilica's Guided Visits:

You have different options to visit Saint-Mark Basilica with a professionnal guide or an audioguide:

Saint-Mark Basilica Guided Visits
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
St Mark Basilica + Pala Oro Tour 39€  Infos » 
St Mark + Venice Tour 56€  Infos » 
St. Mark's Basilica + Gondola 56€  Infos » 
St Mark + Pala Oro after closing 89€  Infos » 

Visits Saint-Mark Basilica + Doge's Palace 
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Doge's Palace + St Mark Basilica Tour 69€  Infos » 
Doge + St. Mark's Basilica + Terraces 75€  Infos » 
Doge's + St Mark Power and Religion 84€  Infos » 
Full Venice Tour + Doges + St Mark 99€  Infos » 
Doges + St Mark + Gondola 111.9€  Infos » 

Saint-Mark  Art Story | Location | Timetables Tickets | Authorizations

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