Videos Venice
San Polo

Between San Polo and Santa Croce into Venice Beauty

From Frari to San Giovanni Evangelista

Around dei Frari

Rialto Bridge on Venice Grand Canal

Venetian Winter Night

A Saturday at the Rialto Market

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In San Polo Summer

Rialto by Night

Around San Polo - Rialto

From Venice Grand Canal (Rialto Bridge) to San Polo Square

Massimo and Maria's Stall at the Rialto Fish Market

Around Sant' Agostin and the Calle del Pistor

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From Venice Grand Canal to San Giacomo de Rialto Square

Around San Toma Square

San Polo's Nights, around the Rialto

Between dei Frari and San Polo Square

Rialto Bridge, link between San Marco and San Polo Districts

Riding in Sandolo on San Polo and Santa Croce Canals

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The Rialto Market

Sant'Aponal Canal and the Sorto Bridge

San Cassan Canal and Square

Santa Sofia's Traghetto and the Rialto Market

From the Pescaria to San Cassan Campo

From Riva del Vin to la Pasina via San Silvestro

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From San Stin Canal to its Square

Around dei Frari

The Rialto's San Polo

Venice Grand Canal

From Sant'Aponal to San Boldo

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