Venice Cinema Mostra Film Festival
Venezia Classici 2018

The restored films of Venezia Classici 2018

Italian director Salvatore Mereu (Three Steps Dancing, Pretty Butterflies) will chair the Jury of Cinema History Students which – for the sixth time – will award the VENEZIA CLASSICI AWARD for the BEST RESTORED FILM and the BEST DOCUMENTARY ON CINEMA.

The list of the films selected for the Venezia Classici section of the 75th Festival:

Venezia Classici

Der Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam (The Golem: How He Came Into The World)

Pre-Opening Event
By Paul Wegener
(Germany, 1920, 76’, B/W)
Restoration: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung And Cinémathèque Royale De Belgique (Cinematek)

They Live [Essi Vivono]

By John Carpenter
(Usa, 1988, 94’, Col.)
Restoration: Studiocanal

Il Portiere Di Notte (The Night Porter)

By Liliana Cavani
(Italy, 1974, 120’, Col.)
Restoration: Csc-Cineteca Nazionale And Istituto Luce – Cinecittà

The Naked City [La Città Nuda]

By Jules Dassin
(Usa, 1948, 96’, B/W)
Restoration: Brook Productions E Torsten Kaiser - Tlefilms, Master Licensing Inc. And Brook Productions

Khesht O Ayeneh (The Brick And The Mirror)

By Ebrahim Golestan
(Iran, 1964, 130’, B/W)
Restoration: Ecran Noir Production (Mitra Farahani) And Ebrahim Golestan In Collaboration With Cineteca Di Bologna

Akasen Chitai (Street Of Shame) [La Strada Della Vergogna]

By Kenji Mizoguchi
(Japan, 1956, 86’, B/W)
Restoration: Kadokawa Corporation

Il Posto

By Ermanno Olmi
(Italy, 1961, 95’, B/W)
Restoration: Cineteca Di Bologna And Titanus

L'année Dernière À Marienbad (Last Year At Marienbad) [L’anno Scorso A Marienbad]

By Alain Resnais
(France, Italy, 1961, 94’, B/W)
Restoration: Studiocanal With The Support Of Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L’image Animée And Chanel

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El Lugar Sin Límites (The Place Without Limits) [Il Luogo Senza Limiti]

By Arturo Ripstein
(Mexico, 1977, 110’, Col.)
Restoration: Cineteca Nacional México And Imcine

Adieu Philippine [Desideri Nel Sole]

By Jacques Roziers
(France, Italy, 1962, 103’, B/W)
Restoration: Cinémathèque Française And A17 With The Support Of Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L’image Animée. In Collaboration With Les Archives Audiovisuelles De Monaco, La Cinémathèque Suisse And Extérieur Nuit.

Voskhozhdeniye (The Ascent) [L’ascesa]

By Larisa Shepitko
(Russia, 1976, 110’, B/W)
Restoration: Mosfilm (Producer Of The Restoration Karen Shakhnazarov)

The Killers [Contratto Per Uccidere]

By Don Siegel
(Usa, 1964, 102’, Col.)
Restoration: Universal Pictures In Collaboration With The Film Foundation

The Killers [I Gangsters]

By Robert Siodmak
(Usa, 1946, 95’, B/W)
Restoration: Universal Pictures In Collaboration With The Film Foundation

La Notte Di San Lorenzo (The Night Of The Shooting Stars)

By Paolo E Vittorio Taviani
(Italy, 1982, 107’, Col.)
Restoration: Csc-Cineteca Nazionale And Istituto Luce – Cinecittà

Koi Ya Koi Nasuna Koi (Love, Thy Name Be Sorrow Aka The Mad Fox) [La Volpe Folle]

By Tomu Uchida
(Japan, 1962, 109’, Col.)
Restoration: Toei Company, Ltd.

Morte A Venezia (Death In Venice)

By Luchino Visconti
(Italy, France, Usa, 1971, 130’, Col.)
Restoration: Cineteca Di Bologna And Istituto Luce - Cinecittà In Collaboration With Warner Bros. And The Criterion Collection

Nothing Sacred [Nulla Sul Serio]

By William A. Wellman
(Usa, 1937, 74’, Col.)
Restoration: The Museum Of Modern Art

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Some Like It Hot [A Qualcuno Piace Caldo]

By Billy Wilder
(Usa, 1959, 121', B/W)
Restoration: Park Circus In Collaboration With Metro Goldwyn Mayer And The Criterion Collection

The Venezia Classici Section Will Also Feature The Presentation Of A Selection Of Documentaries About Cinema And Its Filmmakers.

Venezia Classici Documentaries

In Competition

The Great Buster

By Peter
Usa / 102’

Women Making Films: A New Road Movie Through Cinema

By Mark Cousins
Uk / 240’

Humberto Mauro

By André Di Mauro
Brazil / 90’

Living The Light – Robby Müller

By Claire Pijman
Netherlands, Germany / 86’

24/25 Il Fotogramma In Più (24/25 The Extra Frame)

By Giancarlo Rolandi, Federico Pontiggia
Italy / 50’

Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast

By Bruce Weber
Usa / 90’

Friedkin Uncut

By Francesco Zippel
Italy / 106’

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