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Vogalonga in Venice : 32 km rowing on the Venice Lagoon

Venice Vogalonga date - Venezia 2024

The Venice Vogalonga will be held on 19 May 2024.

Registration opens one month before the day of the Vogalonga at www.vogalonga.com

Venice's Vogalonga began in 1974, for the feast of Saint Martin.

The Vogalonga in Venice on the Cannaregio Canal.
Vogalonga Cannaregio Canal
At the time it was just a race between friends, but by 1975 the Vogalonga as it exists today, with its 30 to 32 kilometres (depending on the year), was born.

And such was its success that there are now more than 1800 boats and more than 7000 participants who gather each year on Venice's North Lagoon to take part in this now legendary race.

A Mythical and International Race

The Vogalonga along the island of Sant'Erasmo, in Venice's northern lagoon
The Vogalonga at Sant'Erasmo
One of the reasons for the great success of the Vogalonga is that the race is open to all countries and all types of rowing boat.

This means that Voga alla Veneta boats (Venetian-style rowing, standing and facing the bow), English-style rowing (sitting and facing the bow), canoes, kayaks and now many other types of boat, such as dragonboats, take part in the Venice Vogalonga every year.

The Vogalonga on the Basin of St. Mark, in front of the Campanile of San Giorgio in Venice
The Vogalonga at San Giorgio
Seeing these thousands of participants all setting off together from the basin of St. Mark's is an impressive and mangnificent sight.

You can also see the joy on the faces of all these athletes, the joy of taking part in this great event.

There are no rankings at the Vogalonga, you just have to cross the finish line!

The Course

The Vogalonga as it passes the island of Sant' Erasmo, in Venice's northern lagoon
The Vogalonga at Sant' Erasmo
The start of the 32 kilometre Vogalonga race is given by a cannon shot, fired from the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, facing the Basin of St. Mark and the Doge's Palace.

From here, the boats head for the “tail of the Venice fish” namely Sant'Elena, which they skirt to pass between the Venetian Arsenal and the island of Certosa.

The boats then pass along the islands of the Vignole, the island of Sant'Erasmo and the island of San Francesco del Deserto.

The return to Venice is bypassing the island of Burano to the east of it.

The Vogalonga in the Cannaregio Canal in Venice.
Vogalonga Cannaregio Canal
From here, all the boats enter the canal that crosses the island of Mazzorbo.

Entering... in part... because many of them stop here, as we are halfway along the route, to take a rest and have a snack, and for some of the bon vivants, drinks too...

We then leave Mazzorbo in the direction of the island of Murano.

À Murano we take its grand canal to then arrive in Venice, on the Cannaregio canal where the crowds await the participants to shouts of bravo and viva !

Competitors then turn left into Venice's Grand Canal and pass under the Rialto Bridge and l'Accademia. The finish is located at the Dogana da Mar, the Customs Point, opposite the Doge's Palace.

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