Buy Clothes and fashion accessories in Venice

You do not need this article to tell you about the high quality of the Italian clothes, their reputation is already established.

Dressing well is also one of the characteristics of the Venetians and it is therefore normal to find the great brands in Venice, but nevertheless not always at the best price...

The boutiques of the most prestigious fashions proliferate in the quarter of San Marco and particularly in the Calle Larga XXII Marzo; you would believe yourself in... Paris!

Therefore let us quickly return to Venice and to its distinctly more romantic calli where there still remain some very Venetian designers of fantastic talent.

Among the big specialties of Venice, naturally you think of the lace of Burano, Tabarro (the big black cape of Casanova) but also fashionable accessories such as scarves, neckties...

Footwear and slippers, famous Frioulanes, and are featured in the boutiques of Venice. We also recommend you purchase gloves if the season lends itself to it because in part it is an article which you find less and less in other countries, as there are very few remaining manufacturers.

Here, they still know how to not only tan the skin, but also to fabricate splendid gloves that are likewise quite unique.

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