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Buy Lace of Burano in Venice

Maestra Emma Vidal Burano Venice Italy
Maestra Vidal Burano
Even with the lace makers begin becoming rare on the island of Burano, it is still possible to find the true lace of Burano, and even at completely accessible prices.

Therefore it is a great idea for a present, or else as a gift for your own delight!

Nevertheless, Beware! There is counterfeit lace of Burano, made in China.

So we recommend you to buy from the stores that we suggest below.

The most beautiful products are bought directly on the island of Burano, which will allow you to spend a very pleasant day on this island dressed in charm.

Merletti d'Arte Martina

Merletti d'Arte Martina Burano
The lace of Martina in Burano
Here quite simply is pure "haute couture" in terms of lace of Burano.

All the products are very high quality and moreover you will find dresses, skirts and long-line bras there made entirely out of lace or decorated lace of Burano.

One can really speak about creation, elegance and refinement in this spellbinding shop by the beauty of the products which are sold there.

Besides, many splendid lacy clothes which are created here are in laces of shimmering and joyful colors.

They do not content themselves here with only the traditional classical white or unbleached lace and that is so much the better.

The prices compared to quality are completely accessible, and especially since the pieces you will choose are a once in a lifetime purchase. Dentelle Merletti d'Arte Martina Burano
Merletti d'Arte Martina Burano
In this boutique with its luxurious environment, yet still very approachable, you will also find products out of lace for the home, the table, tablecloths and towels, not to mention an entire array of goods devoted to the children.

But it is the clothing department at which Martina has the most impressive beauty.

We apologize for not showing you of photographs of the different models of brassieres and dresses here from Martina, she asked us in effect not to show photographs representing them on

Ah yes, theft exists everywhere and the beauty of products produced here is such as they are copied extensively and regularly by unscrupulous Asian manufacturers without any imagination.

Here is only actual reason that we can only introduce you to the "common" products and not splendid creations of this store.

In short, if you go to Burano, it is absolutely necessary that you go to Martina’s before buying whatever it is elsewhere. Certainly you will fall under the spell of her creations!

Merletti d'Arte Martina

Calle San Mauro, 307 - Burano
In a descending line of Vaporetto, follow the quay towards the left across the small park and to the end take the tiny via in front of you, it is the Calle San Moro and Martina is one of the first stores on your right.
Opened every single day from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM.
Phone: +039 041 735 523

Creazioni Monica

Lace of Burano Venice Italy by Emma Vidal
Lace of Burano by Emma Vidal
It is our second favorite shop in Burano, as we have been "moved" by the kindness of Emma Vidal, "Maestra" that you will often be able to find her embroidering splendid creations of lace at the entrance of the store.

If you have the chance to speak Italian, Emma Vidal will be delighted to explain you all points that she uses as well as the history of the lace in Burano.

Emma is somewhat of a celebrity; having been filmed by several television stations here, for remaining in her simple devotion to her art.

Emma Vidal embroidering burano lace in Venice Italy
Emma Vidal embroidering - Burano Venice
She also teached to the new generations the art of the lace of Burano so that this art does not get lost.

But alas, as her pointed out it to us, legions of girls in Burano no longer want this over demanding job and consequently there is much competition from Asian producers which has got nothing to do of course with this spidery lace but unfortunately the majority of the tourists are not able to appreciate its true value.

The piece that Emma is embroidering in the photograph above represents two months’ work, little by little, to be able to form this small work of art only from this very small white thread threaded in the needle which she manipulates with manual dexterity and incredible speed, and all that without eye glasses!

Creazioni Monica

Fondamenta dei Assassini, 686 - Burano
If you come from the Calle San Mauro where the Merletti d' Arte Martina store is, cross the pretty small bridge above the rio dei Assassini and you will find the Creazioni Monica store a few dozen meters on your left.
Open daily from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Phone: +039 041 730 668


Annelie lace burano dresses Venice Italy
Annelie: dresses for small girls Venice
If you cannot go to Burano, you will still be able to find many pretty products of lacy ready-to-wear clothes at Annelie.

Annelie does not sell exclusively the lace of Burano but also other Italian laces of very nice quality and it at very reasonable prices.

Well over half of the featured products are intended to dress children but you will also find here to your great pleasure, for men and ladies, embroidered shirts and lace blouses.


Calle Lunga San Barnaba, 2748 - Dorsoduro
The store is very easy to find, once on the Campo San Barnaba, leave Campo by leaving the church behind you and take the little calli which faces you, in about 100 meters on the left is the Annelie store.
Phone: +39 041 520 32 77
Opened from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM and from 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Closed on Saturday afternoon and on Sundays.

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