Buy Carnival masks in Venice

Mask Carnival Ca del Sol Venice Italy
Mask Carnival Ca del Sol Venice
Caveat Emptor! With masks you can in effect, find everything and anything in Venice.

From the knockoff mask made in China to the pure unique object of art.

The best masks are papier mâché or "Cartapesta" (as it is called in Italian).

Ca’ del Sol

Ca’ del Sol sells masks and costumes in the 18th century style for the theatre and the carnival, of excellent quality.

Costumes are for sell or rental: a 24 hour rental ranges between 400 and 600 Euros, including the tricorn hat. The simplest can go down up to 150 Euros.

If you buy your costume, it will cost you 2000 - 3000 Euros.

Ca’ del Sol has been in business for 9 years. Four people regularly work there. The mask workshop is in front of the boutique, on the other side of the bridge, where you will be able to see Sonia or one of her colleagues at work.

Venetian masks Ca' Macana Venice Italy
Venetian masks Ca' Macana
Ca' del Sol
4964, Fondamenta de l'Osmarin
30122 Venezia
Phone : +39 041 528 55 49

Ca' Macana

Here as well, they know how to create true Venetian masks and you can immediately see for yourself at first glance.

Furthermore you will even be able to take classes to learn to create masks, particularly enjoyed by the children!

Some of the masks in the film Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick were created by Mario, the owner.

The workshop of the masks
Calle del Capeler, 3215

Venetian masks Ca' Macana Venice
Venetian masks Ca' Macana
Ca' Macana Stores
Calle de le Boteghe, 3172 - Dorsoduro
Phone : +39 041 277 61 42
Fondamenta de la Toletta, 1169 - Dorsoduro
Phone : +39 041 522 97 49
Calle de le Rasse, 4531 - Castello
Phone : +39 041 520 96 74


You will find elaborate masks, reproductions of ancient masks here.
Rio Terrà Canal, 3063 - Dorsoduro
Phone : +39 041 287 344

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