Venetian Carnival Mask Plaster Molds

Masks Venice Italy carnival Sonia Ca del Sol
Masks Venice carnival - Sonia Ca' del Sol
Manufactured, completely by artisans, masks are made in a clay mold where the model of the mask is the relief (positive).

Then, they put this mold in a wooden box where they overturn the plaster to acquire a mold of hollow plaster in which they put small pieces of papier mâché, by beginning with the edges.

It is meticulous work which asks for patience and for method, because it is necessary that all these pieces of wet paper hold together and create a uniform surface: that of the very mask when they detach it from the plaster.

The mold of the carnival mask Venice Italy
The mold of the carnival mask
Each of these white masks accepts then color and decorations which enliven it and make it unique, as a face.

You will find any kind of masks in Venice; from those of the commedia dell' arte (Harlequin or Pantalone), to leather, to the most elaborate papier mâché carnival masks.

Of course, we recommend those of papier mâché, due to the fact that they come from a artist and therefore are guaranteed to be locally produced.

Venetian Mask of Papier Mâché Venice Italy
The mask of papier mâché
Once the “white” mask is fabricated, next follows the talents of the painter.

Some masks go above and beyond to the point of reproducing pictures or famous drawings.

Painted venice carnival mask Ca’ del Sol
Painted carnival mask Ca’ del Sol
From there everything is matter of taste and depending on motives and colors you will be attracted to this or that model.

Know nevertheless that at the best mask creators in Venice; the choice is often very difficult in terms of beauty and quality with so many competing masks on display.

At these Venetian artisans of the mask, every mask will therefore have been fabricated not only manually; band by band of papier mâché, but also hand painted.

In whole it is consequently a unique copy that you will buy and possess.

Masks of Venice carnival in Ca del Sol
Masks of Venice carnival in Ca' del Sol
It is also good to know that there are masks “to carry” and only fancy masks to be hung in your living room.

You can obviously buy a mask to be carried which is at the same time decorative but you will see that they are nevertheless often rather different.

Here you know everything about the carnival masks of Venice, you supporting to open the eye to avoid tricks and your heart (as well as your grant) for the one who will enrapture you and transform you into.

Here, you know all about the masks of Venice, while you keep to open the eye to avoid deceptions of your heart (as well as your wallet) which will charm you and will transform you into a Venetian Prince or Cinderella.

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