Best Restaurants in Venice Italy San Polo

A sestiere rich in good tables of all sizes! A Delight!

Trattoria alla Madonna Venice Italy

Calle de la Madona, 594 - San Polo
Phone +39 041 522 38 24

A particularly nice trattoria, first-rate reception and especially fine typical Venetian food.

Do not miss the grilled eel, one small delight! But the grilled sardines are not bad either.

A guaranteed Venetian ambience while at the same time Venetian and tourist customers are not segregated: everybody is seated together.

Just two steps from the bridge of Rialto, a mere hundred meters down the middle Calle della Madonna.

Plan about 40 Euros.

Cantina Do Mori in Venice

Cantina Do Mori in Venice Italy
Cantina Do Mori
A wine bar with tasty cichetti.

One goes there more for environment than anything else because unfortunately the quality level has dropped as the prices have risen...

Small detail sometimes important there are no restrooms for the customers.

Calle Ochialera, 429
San Polo
Phone +39 041 522 54 01


Wine Bar to savor cichetti at the bar. One of the best in all Venice. Just next to the Cantina Do Mori. Open only in midday.

Calle dell Ochialer, 436 - San Polo
Phone +39 041 520 56 66

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