Restaurants in Cannaregio District in Venice

There are many good restaurants to be found in Venice.

Therefore, it is also very easy to pay for something medium a lot because prices are often rather "nonstandard” here.

Finally, and it is definitely the most complicated part for us, the owners and operators change rapidly (or get a big head).

What makes that such renowned restaurant for its quality can sometimes, barely one year later, become a poor address.

Also know that the Venetians well like to pass the evening by nibbling standing at the bar with a glass of Ombra.

And they will thus spend their evening passing from a osteria to another.

In this title, it is necessary to know that the most part of the restaurants where they can “sit down” also allow you to eat standing at the bar.

On top of that, it is however necessary to know it is also a very good means, in the most part of the restaurants, to eat practically the same thing as at table but without being fleeced.

One will be able to therefore see in the restaurants, on a side the Venetian ones, upright at the counter, and of the other the famished tourists, too glad to finally be able to sit down after their hard marathon of the day over bridges and calli, and which will just pay the full price with cause... of their chair.

You will find in the menu (without pun) to your left, classified by sestiere, our best actual addresses, what they call the good tables.

As you will see it, there is something for all tastes and as well as all budgets.

Whether you are celebrating a big event like a wedding anniversary or just want to eat quickly, follow us and “buono appetito”!

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