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Flat Rental Venice

Flat Rental in Venice Italy No Bad Surprises: Many websites offer flats to rent in Venice.

The owner or the agency post their classifieds, but then, no true quality control or veracity of their claim is done. You just have to rely on luck not to be disappointed at your arrival.

We take care to choose only the good flats for you. We prefer to offer you quality than quantity, it takes us more time but your satisfaction is ours too.

For each flat, a video let you visit it, nearly breathe it before to rent it, an extra guarantee for you: pictures can be retouched, not videos!

All these flats are rented by “serious” owners and managers that we personally know and that will also be present in case of necessity.

Flat Rentals in Venice

Book your Hotel in Venice

Book your hotel in Venice More expensive than renting a flat, but ideal for short stays.

Your Hotel Room in Venice

Real Estate in Venice

Real Estate in Venice Italy
Here you are, you’ve absolutely fallen in love with Venice and you have only one thought, to live there or at least have a small piece of property there.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you find the flat or Palace you are dreaming of!.

Real Estate in Venice
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