The Palaces of Venice

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo Venice Italy
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
The palaces of Venice reflect the absolute splendor despite being a city built on the sea.

And it is definitely an extraordinary gamble that this city appears here. Who would have the idea to construct such a sumptuous city on water?

The majority of Venetian palaces are built from brick because it is a light material, something that is necessary to account for after deciding to construct on foundations that feature only trunks of trees planted vertically in the soil of the lagoon.

The facades of marble which you admire on some palaces are therefore most often one only “veneer” of grandeur applied to simple brick walls.

Sylphlike, gossamer, squat, bulbous, showy, intimate, romantic... there are as many tastes as there are styles: Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance or Classic...

As you can imagine, the richness of the palaces of Venice also reflects their great diversity, a diversity which is the reflection of this city of a thousand facets and one could even say the thousand lives upon recalling all the danger and resentment it has successfully evaded for nearly thousand years.

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