Murano, Lido, Giudecca, Burano : Our Best Tables

Murano, Lido, Giudecca, Burano: our Good Tables Time stands still on the islands, and these, particularly Murano, are no exception.

The ambiance is different; you are no longer "in the city ". It is to our benefit to eat well!

Murano - Ai Bisatei

Not an easy osteria to find but it is truly worth the detour: kindness, cuisine and extremely reasonable prices.

An essential stop if you go on the island of Murano. You will love the utterly “local” atmosphere.

Campo San Bernardo, 1 - Murano
Phone: +39 041 739 528


Giudecca, it is Venice at home: without the crowds, they take time to live and to savor the good things of life, among which naturally are good small dishes!

Trattoria Ai Cacciatori

Ai Cacciatori Giudecca Venice
Ai Cacciatori Giudecca
One of our preferred restaurants in Giudecca.

Not only is the environment very pleasant, they work as family here, but also the food is particularly good and abundant. It is necessary to know more that the trattoria Ai Cacciatori is the oldest inn on the island.

Ai Cacciatori means “The Hunter", a name which at first glance can be unexpected in Venice.

But definitely not, as you can see it on this reproduction, positioned in the middle of the boat and drew the birds out in the open and as they flew away gave an aim from a distance of approximately twenty meters.

A particularly efficient weapon which caused the boat to move back about five meters with each shot!

We can absolutely recommend this restaurant to you for its very reasonable prices and for the excellence of its kitchen, you will not be disappointed.

Trattoria Ai Cacciatori
Fondamenta Ponte Piccolo, 320 (near the stop of vaporetto Palanca)
Phone: +39 041 528 58 49

Trattoria Altanella

Its reputation is well established. Writers, painters, politicians, and world famous celebrities have dined here. But rest assured, the owner isn’t the least bit arrogant and his gentility is true proof.

The trattoria Altanella has been a family business for three generations.

This place has been operating as restaurant since 1865 but it was in 1902 when the grandfather of the actual owner took over the restaurant, his wife being in charge of the kitchen.

From 1902 till 1930, the grandfather, like the great majority of the inhabitants of Giudecca during this era, was a fisherman, in addition to being a restaurateur.

In 1930, the success of the establishment enabled him to leave fishing and his successors continue as restaurateurs, up to his actual grandson.

The cuisine there is particularly fine, worthy of the grandest restaurants.

Trattoria Altanella
Calle De Le Erbe, 268 - Giudecca
Phone: +39 041 522 77 80


Trattoria Al Vecio Cantier

Strada Della Droma, 74 - Lido
Phone: +39 041 526 81 30

Trattoria Favorita

Good prices.
Via Francesco Duodo, 33 - Lido
Phone: +39 041 526 16 26

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