Venetian Mirrors Witch and Convex Mirrors in Venice

A Venetian craftsman, Stefano Coluccio, has recreated the antique convex mirror, the “witch mirror” or the “bankers’ mirror”.

Arnolfi Couple Convex Mirror by Jan Van Eyck
Arnolfi Couple Convex Mirror
The convex mirror, portion of the famous magic sphere, was part of many paintings from old masters.

Among them, Bellini, Caravaggio and also Van Eyck and its “couple Arnolfi” painting, Quentin Metsys and its “broker and his wife” or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola (ou Mazzuoli) nicknamed Parmigianino (as he was born in Parma) and its self-portrait in a convex mirror.

Being able to recreate such mirrors means knowledge but also a technical and artistic expertise.

Witch Mirrors or Bankers' Mirror from Canestrelli in Venice
Canestrelli Convex Mirrors
Stefano Coluccio’s convex mirrors are little pieces of art, unique, with frames as beautiful as their “eye”.

All convex mirrors that you will see in the Canestrelli shop are designed and crafted by Stefano Coluccio.

We cannot tell you if Canestrelli mirrors will bring you luck, as their ancestors that were meant to protect the house and its occupants via their “eye”, but they are for sure beautiful and original gifts.

Witch Mirrors or Bankers' Mirror from Canestrelli in Venice
Canestrelli Convex Mirrors
Some of these mirrors are gold glided. And to glide them, Stefano use only the gliding technique described by Cennino Cennini in its “Libro dell’Arte”, written at the end of the 14th century.

Stefano Coluccio comes from a Venetian craftsmen family. His grandfather, Emiliano Canestrelli was an engraver, followed by Manuela, Stefano’s mother.

All this means that each mirror, fully handmade, is a unique item of high quality


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