Buying Jewelry in Venice

« Agatina is the most splendid of all courtesans of Venice.

She lives in a small palace, furnished splendidly, and bedecked in jewels as a nymph.

To tell the truth, she is the least pretty of all those of first-rate; but, on the other hand, who can deny that favours from a hand covered with diamonds are really precious? »
Charles de Brosses - Lettres Familières 1739-1740

Antichità Zaggia

Specializing in ancient jewelry. House of serious quality.

Saca de la Toleta, 1195 - Dorsoduro
Phone +39 041 522 31 59


You will find luxurious jewelry creations both from local artisans and also from designers all over the world.

Campo S. Moisè, 1460 - San Marco
Phone +39 041 523 60 10

We shall end by this pretty Venetian usage, told by P. G. Molmenti:

« The young man, once the marriage was decided, had to keep walking up and down at the agreed hour under the windows of his fiancée, who had to return him his greeting.

He had to make her a present of a diamond which was called ricordino (small keepsake).
P. G. Molmenti - “Vie Privée à Venise” (1882)

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