Holiday Flat in Venice Castello : Casa dei Bombardieri

The flat entrance
The flat entrance
The flat is furnished in a very pleasant way, blending contemporary and traditional furniture wisely.

You will be very comfortable here! The fourth floor location will save you the concerns over Acqua Alta in the middle of the night and additionally you have a pretty view over the roofs of Castello.

The casa dei Bombardieri is made up of three main rooms, each one having three windows; which means that it is a sunny flat, as you can easily see it on the pictures

The Kitchen

The kitchen view from the flat entrance
The kitchen view from the flat entrance
The kitchen is equipped with all the essentials: large refrigerator, oven and electrical oven and even a washing machine.

Additionally, all these appliances are newer and of good quality.

Add to it that kitchen utensils are top-quality.

The same compliments can also be made regarding the level of the dinnerware. In brief, you will feel more than just a guest, but truly at home here.

This pretty cozy kitchen also overlooks the living room, as you can see it in this photograph.

On this other photograph taken from the kitchen, you can see, on the right, the entrance, nicely furnished and to the left the access to the living room.

To the right of the dresser the entrance and to the left the access to the living room
To the right of the dresser the entrance and to the left the access to the living room
As you can also see it, a dresser, particularly well filled, completes the furniture of the kitchen.

Please know, this kitchen is more than simply a place to make food and eat, its ambience goes in effect beyond, you will also actually enjoy being in there!

Also remember, when one arrives in an apartment on Saturday evening that all the shops are closed here until Monday morning. Anna and Fabio will have thought of everything for you.

Detergent, toilet soap, oil, sugar, vinegar, coffee, jam, small cakes and even a bottle of Prosecco, the local white wine, will await you in the apartment when you arrive. In short, you will not have any worries until Monday.

The Living room

The living room on the side of the church San Francesco de la Vigna
The living room
The living room is the most sunny part with three windows looking out over two different angles, on a side towards the church San Francesco of Vigna, while the other view of the Arsenal and isle of San Pietro of Castello, where one can see the Bell-tower from Casa dei Bombardieri.

This living room is furnished in a modern manner with a reading settee.

The right part of the living room with its view side on San Pietro di Castello
the living room with its view on San Pietro
The living room has in total two settees, an armchair and a small table, practical to read there or write.

You’ll also find a television set there (about fifteen channels, but only Italian) as well as a radio.

It is not only nicely decorated but Fabio and Anna also planned all your visits in and around Venice by putting at your disposal not only the main tourist guides of Venice, but also maps including the famous “Calli, Campielli and Canali” with which it is impossible to get lost in the labyrinth of the Venetian Calli.

The Bedroom

The very nice bedroom of the Casa dei Bombardieri in Venice Italy Castello
Bedroom of the Casa dei Bombardieri
The bedroom also has pretty views of roofs including San Pietro du Castello as well as of the Salizada San Francesco, at the bottom of the building.

The floor is typically Venetian, which adds an additional charm to this room moreover furnished in a traditional style.

The double bed is 160 cm wide, you will have therefore of the place to move there without awakening your neighbor. The bed linens are also of very good quality.

The Bathroom

The bathroom
The bathroom
It is the only weak point of this flat.

It was important that when you ask is “is everything improved there?” to mention this:

Nothing to report on plumbing fixtures and water is there hot as it befits one.

On the contrary, it is to advise to those who lack agility because it is comparatively narrow.

But remember, we are in Venice and this is a home several centuries old, the architect of which, as those of the palaces of Venice, had not envisioned the arrival of tubs and other large whirlpool baths!

Besides, you risk having the same surprise in numerous Venetian hotels where, while in a junior suite of 50 square meters, you will really have in most cases, as in La Casa dei Bombardieri, a bathroom of the same size.


San Francesco de la Vigna Bell Tower
San Francesco de la Vigna Bell Tower
The casa dei Bombardieri is very well located in the Venice district of Castello.

It is in effect barely at 8 minutes walking from Saint-Mark square and furthermore in a very authentic Venetian place, far from the crowd of tourists.

To go shopping, not a problem, a supermarket is within a hundred of meters of the flat and the neighboring streets are very well stocked in food trade: trader of vegetables, butcher, baker and even one quality wine cellar right in front of the building.

A last detail, mattering for some, the fourth floor apartment is a walk up.

Codice identificativo Regionale of the flat: 027042-LOC-02503

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