Rent a Car in Venice Italy

Renting a car in Venice, at first glance seems strange, since the circulation is forbidden there.

But if you came by air or by train and you would like to visit the back country, the Venezia, Verona, Vicenze and its palaces or else Padova (Padua), which is within 50 kilometers from Venice, in that case a car rental would be a good idea.

Several car rental companies are present in Venice, at Piazzale Roma and also at airport Marco Polo, approachable easily by bus from Venice.

Parking in Venice

parking venice italy Prices vary greatly from 24 Euros a week to... 140 Euros!

The money which you will save by coming via car can quickly disappear if you are not aware of the problem of the parking.

The least expensive parking in Venice: the Airport!

One does not always think of it but you often can self-park under good conditions in certain airports and Venice is no exception. Additionally, It is the least expensive of all the other parking lots of Venice.

As it is very easy to go then to Venice since the airport (to see our page “Arrive by air at Venice Italy”), first and foremost we recommend this parking, especially if you plan to remain in Venice one week because in that case, at 24 euro, , is really inexpensive compared with other parking possibilities which are listed here: The Internet site of the Parking Marco Polo

Park in Piazzale Roma

You can also park in Piazzale Roma. You have the choice between the local garage, the garage San Marco and the outside parking of Sant'Andrea.

ASM Venezia Piazzale Roma Garage
Phone: +39 041 272 7301

Garage San Marco
Phone: +39 041 523 22 13

Parking Sant'Andrea
Phone: +39 041 272 73 04

Park on the island of Tronchetto

You can also park, undoubtedly with a better chance to find a space, on the island of Tronchetto.

To park in Mestre

Certainly the least expensive solution but obviously less practical.

Garage Europa in Mestre
Phone: +39 041 959 202

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