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Restaurants Gourmet Boccadoro | Alla Frasca

Restaurant Osteria Alla Frasca Venice 

Gastronomy Rating: 8/10
Quality/Price Ratio: 8/10

The charming terrace of this small restaurant is located in a pretty, very romantic Corte in Cannaregio.

This restaurant is managed by the same team as the Ostaria Boccadoro. So you can be sure to enjoy dishes that are just as delicate.

While its decor is bistro-style, its dishes are worthy of the most excellent restaurants.

Sea bream, tuna, and turbot are in the spotlight, as are seafood and pasta. And it's all about today's catch.

The prices are the wisest for such quality since the starters and main courses range from 15 to 25€.

Take a look at the photos below and imagine sitting at one of these terrace tables.

Situation Map of the Ostaria Alla Frasca in Venice in Italy
Ostaria Alla Frasca access Map
Osteria Alla Frasca
Corte de la Carità
Cannaregio, 5176
30121 Venice

Phone et Fax : +39 041 2412 585

Opening Hours and Days
From 12:00 to 15:00
and from 19:00 to 23:00
Closed on Monday

The number of seats is limited and reservations are recommended.

Restaurants Gourmet Boccadoro | Alla Frasca
Restaurants Gourmet | Good Cooking | Cheap Eats

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