Masks and Carnival in Venice

Venician Carnival masks venetian carnivale venice italy
Alessandro Milesi - Cafe Florian
The Venitian Carnival is an opportunity today to wear masks in Venice.

The origin of the Venice carnival goes back to the year 1094! Before our days, the wearing of the mask was practically crucial and it was required about seven months a year, from October to the holiday of Ascension.

Let us Live Happy, Let us Live Hidden

Everyone had the possibility of going out incognito, from the richest to the poorest… so you can imagine so how it served love schemes.

Casanova wrote in his memories:
« The only thought which disrupted our joy, was because the time of masks being finished, we did not know how, later on, to get loving dates. »
Giacomo Casanova

George Sand: Jeers and Flattery

Francesco Guardi Ridotto
Francesco Guardi - Ridotto
George Sand also relates in “Leone Leoni” a scene of masks:
« Smart women were covering the quays and had a good time in jeers from the masks which, half laying down on the banisters of bridges, were teasing the passers-by and paying in turn impertinences and flattery to the ugly and pretty women. »
George Sand

Theophile Gautier: Colorful Carnival

Theophile Gautier has as for him written these nice verse in “Enamels and Cameos” on the Venice carnival:

« Venice for the ball gets dressed.
Of very starry spangles,
Glitter, teem and prattle
Colorful Carnival. »
Theophile Gautier

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