The Cinema in Venice

Othello Orson Welles
Othello Orson Welles
The cinema in Venice is a long love story.

Over 400 films and TV movies have been filmed in Venice.

It is necessary to say that the atmosphere at the same time romantic and of mystery of Venice lends itself perfectly to film making.

The First Dolly ever carried out with the cinema

It is also necessary to know that the first dolly ever carried out with the cinema was in Venice to understand the bonds which link Venice and the cinema.

Venice is home to the world’s oldest international film festival, The Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica, as the Italian film festival was originally named.

From its inception, Venice has been uniquely devoted to film as an art form.

What place could be more a dream for a filmmaker?

Of Don Juan in Casanova

Indiana Jones The Last Crusade in Venice
Indiana Jones The Last Crusade in Venice
And Venetian characters are also put into the stories, as Don Juan in Casanova passes by Othello, Vivaldi...

So many films were shot in Venice, so many scripts written also, as “Don Juan” of Losey or else the famous “Death in Venice”.”

The Last Crusade of Indiana Jones

Venice, even if it is not the principal center of the hundreds of films which were made there, is present in a number of films that everyone saw. For example, who does not associate Venice with “The Last Crusade of Indiana Jones”?

Stages of Filming

Death in Venice of Visconti with Dirk Bogarde
Death in Venice of Visconti - Dirk Bogarde
In brief, it is difficult to go for a walk in Venice without sighting the often mythical places of the stages of filming of these films.

Throughout the site we shall point out to you these places, not always known but quite real, the steps and paving stones where some of the biggest stars of the cinema tread.

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