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Townhome to Buy in Venice Italy - Venice Real Estate

ca' vendramin Here you are, you’ve absolutely fallen in love with Venice and you have only one thought, to live there or at least have a small piece of property there

Some housing addresses for rent or purchase wait for you in our pages but do not ignore the sea!

Also remember that everything here is surrounded by water and what's more, it is corrosive salt water. Plan for repairs several times a year if you are the owner!

By the same token, consider: is it necessary to be at the edge of a rio and hear, at two o'clock, the furious motor of a boat when it starts?

Is it necessary to live in the Piano Nobile, the “noble” floor or the first or up on the second floor?

Or is it necessary to choose a fourth floor so as not to be flooded, in the heat of the summer, like the poor people on the first floor?

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