Famous for its Frescoes by Tiepolo

Tiepolo’s Cleopatra in the Palace Labia Venice Italy
Tiepolo’s Cleopatra Palace Labia
Girolamo Mengozzi-Colonna accomplished grandiose supervision of the frescoes of the Palace Labia between 1747 and 1750.

The grand Tiepolo decorated the salon of the palace Labia with a fresco evoking the love story of Anthony and Cleopatra.

« In this residence, Cleopatra painted in fresco by Tiepolo has late dinner together with Anthony and tries for centuries to dissolve a pearl in some vinegar without any success. »
André Fraigneau
translated from: Venise que j'aime - 1961

Tiepolo’s Feminine faces in the Labia Palace Venice Italy
Tiepolo’s Feminine faces
« There is one grand salon painted by Tiepolo, with a large picture at each end, one representing the departure of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, other one The Meal.

Everything is big and noble, of the richest composition there. I would have wished more nobility in the faces of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, but details are charming.

Thousands of depictions of dog and dwarfs are marvelous and good in their place: there are another 4 other small narrow and high pictures in corners, composed of 3 or 2 particularly turned faces.

Everything is there broad, big and full of taste and made to please everybody.

Painted architecture is almost real, creating the greatest illusion.

It is not from him. »

Tiepolo Anthony and Cleopatra - Detail labia palace Venice Italy
Tiepolo Anthony and Cleopatra
Translated from:
Bergeret de Grancourt - journal inédit 1773

« It is in the palace Labia, in Venice, that I find this expression.

Sculpture Labia palace Venice Italy Framed by columns and skillful architectural arrangements, a pastiche of Veronese, the painted scene represents Anthony and Cleopatra, in a banquet where, surrounded by their followers, they arrange a rendezvous.

Hostile still and wary, they are silent, glaring at one another.

The jester of the queen, the back turned to the public, climbs up the steps of a big staircase, and it is a remarkable trompe l'oeil!

Sculpture Labia palace Venice Italy Right at the bottom from degrees, a tiny, lap dog, the dog of Cleo’s muff; Cleopatra herself, prestigious in the dress of brocade standing up straight.

Above the head of the guests, up here, between the slender columns, is installed a stand for orchestra.

Sculpture Labia palace Venice Italy The gypsies of time, armed with violins and other musical instruments, give a small concert only with one purpose: so Anthony and Cleopatra never open their mouths.

All this is in a supple and vibrant color, a free, light and spiritual style.

The room where the admiration of this big panel is obvious, enchanting to all, is decorated, in fashion rococo, a deplorable manner itself.

Other small fragmentary Tiepolo paintings emerge from an unpleasant pastry in the eye.

To see only the painter will here is a difficult thing. He must have been subjected to the taste of the epoch without trying to steer it.

The baroque style, following Michelangelo, had pervaded Italy from the end of the XVIth century; it was then in full swing.

In any cases, it is in this decadent frame that the big decorator knew how to set pearls. »
Translated from: Léopold Gironde - Souvenirs Italie - 1907

Unfortunately, the palace is currently in restoration and the visits are temporarily suspended.

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