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Here are our best addresses of hotels in Cannaregio (stars indicate level of comfort):

Abbazia Hotel Venice

Abbazzia hotel venice italy
Abbazzia Hotel Venice
The Abbazia Hotel in Venice is a delightful hotel of 50 rooms.

Do not expect great luxury, however, on the other hand, the personnel are competent and attentive, and rooms are very clean.

While not a central location, it nevertheless is just a few steps away from the Big Channel. A good choice for a few days at a reasonable price!

Abbazia Hotel Venice - Rates and Availability

Ai Mori Hotel in Venice

Ai Mori Hotel in Venice Italy
Ai Mori Hotel Venice
In calm, yet still genuine quarter, the Venice Italy Ai Mori Hotel have 55 rooms and is a small haven of peace far from the crowds, has well appointed rooms and attentive personnel. A good affordable choice.

A good choice for this quarter of Venice which we like particularly well.

You are here in Venice which the most part of the tourists never see, Venice with Venetians!

Venice Italy Ai Mori Hotel - Rates and Availability

Giorgione Hotel Venice

Giorgione Hotel Venice Italy
Giorgione Hotel Venice
The Giogione Hotel in Venice have very nice rooms, presented in an Oriental style.

Attention to detail conveyed in the decor contributes frankly of the quality of this hotel; one feels wrapped in a small cocoon of luxury here. Very romantic, almost magical!

Furthermore they are in the central part of Cannaregio, what means that the location is approximately 5 minutes on foot to the Bridge of Rialto.

Giorgione Hotel Italy Venice - Rates and Availability

Foscari Palace Hotel Venice

Foscari Palace Hotel in Venice Italy
Foscari Palace Hotel
We enter the upper category of the hotels of Venice Cannaregio here. The Foscari Palace Hotel in Venice is in effect a hotel of high quality with delightfully furnished rooms and with direct view, for a large portion of rooms, on the Grand Canal.

This Location is also very central, within reach everything and right next to the palace of Ca’ d’ Oro.

No unpleasant surprises are to be had in this lovely hotel which only has 23 rooms. Foscari Palace Hotel in Venice - Rates and Availability

Abadessa Palace Hotel Venice

Abadessa Palace Hotel Venice
Abadessa Palace Hotel Venice
On a small quiet calle, with a frontage overlooking a private garden, the Abadesa Palazzo Hotel in Venice is a haven of peace for those who seek serenity and luxury at the same time.

All furniture is of high quality. Well-off and bourgeois ambience surrounded with marble and gold.

The hotel occupies a very central position, just a step away from Ca’ d’ Oro and 5 minutes from Rialto.

This charming hotel has only 12 rooms.

Abadessa Palace Hotel Venice - Rates and Availability

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