Architecture in Venice

Scuola San Marco. On the right the church SS e Paolo
Scuola San Marco. On the right the church SS e Paolo
Architecture is omnipresent in Venice, with influences beginning in the Veneto-Byzantine style while passing by the Veneto-Gothic, the classicism, the rebirth... until our days.

The entire city “breathes” these different periods, all of Venice shines brightly with it.

Palace, churches, bridges...

It is not in effect possible to cross a bridge, a corner of street, palace without pausing to stop in front of marvels of architecture.

Scuola San Giovanni Evangelista
Scuola San Giovanni Evangelista
The same wonders take you back in palaces and in churches. Visit, visit Venice, it has so much to offer to you.

Ceilings and Facades

A ceiling, as seen opposite in the Scuola San Giovanni Evangelista, with the most modest facade and the fine art of the beautiful, creates a perfect equilibrium that is characteristically Venetian.

Harmony of Forms

Harmony of forms, harmony of structures, harmony of Venice. One can only fall madly in love with such a beautiful city and which leave a lingering human dimension: your will form a “crush” on a Venetian building, something that rarely happens in other large cities.

Church of Frari in Venice
Church of Frari in Venice
Here, even the Palace of the Doges would find it difficult to compete in size with the least registered office... and what a difference!

It is as for this reason as Venice lavishes itself so undeniably to your viewing pleasure and in return you are quickly “absorbed” by her, in communion with her.

Forests of Stones and Gardens of Laces

Enter his stony forests, his gardens of gothic laces, here better than elsewhere the space is cultivated by art.

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